Sherry’s life in sex slavery

This is the world and the time when all women and girls after eighteen years of age can be easily enslaved, bought, sold and used in all the perverted ways their masters want them to use. Sherry is a pretty girls and she used to be the most popular girl at her school, but because of her father’s debts she was sold to slavery to her perverted classmate. She was used by him for about a year and was hoping to get free some day. But her classmate’s father married Sherry and made her his own slave-wife. He took her to a luxury hotel stuffed with slave-girls who were used not only as whores but also as alive furniture. Sherry was humiliated by her old husband there foe many days hoping to kill him some day.


Hardcore and sexy Inquisition

Hardcore and sexy Inquisition

Many years ago it was very inconvenient and even dangerous for a girl to be beautiful and look sexy as she could be easily considered to be witch. In this case the poor babe would be surely tortured by Inquisition which is obviously the creator of BDSM plays. Now you can see how a seductive young girl was is tied naked with her hands to the ceiling of the chapel and two monks with an executioner are torturing her hard. They are making her suffer from beating and whipping and then the chick will have to sit down on a wooden pony with a dick on the top and ride it showing how the sexy sinner was fucking with Satan.


Pirates torturing their sex slaves

This hot porn comic gallery is featuring cruel pirates and their poor female victims. When pirates are lucky enough to get aristocratic chicks, they are always showing them what a real dick means and are treating them rough and tough. The poor chicks are experiencing all the tortures of hell when they get tied and gagged by the perverted savages. The slaves go through very painful breast bondage and suffer when the pirates are sticking their tits with cigars. The handcuffed girls are begging for mercy but there is no mercy for them as the pirates got too bored to be without women in the sea. They tore off their clothes, fucked their all holes and now are sticking with any object looking like a dick.

Perverted games in BDSM dungeon

These are places where beautiful young girls are kept bandaged and tied to the ceiling for the entertainment of some perverted clients. These seductive chicks with posh bodies are living in cold and dark chambers with metal doors waiting for their masters and mistresses to come. There are some trainers as well who teach the babes to be obedient and practice with them different types of bondage. Now the chicks are hanging in the air with their legs wide stretched and are going through hard tortures. One of them is hung upside down and hot candle wax is dropping on her pussy making the babe groaning from pain. And the other one is hanging on the ropes tortured by her master and is getting ready for the mistress to come.

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