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Enslaved bride by Rougin

bdsm comics by Rougin
“Take a good look at your former lover’s heretic symbol, you horny bitch! Hot slaves like you must serve their Masters without enjoying it. You are no more than a wicked sinner, but I’m going to help you…
First I’m going to cut off that filthy love button of yours, and then you’ll chew it slowly while you show us how much you abhor the falsehoods of Catholic dogma…”
bdsm comics by Rougin
“Kneel on all fours, you dirty slavebitch, and pray with me! You’ll stay this way all morning, the nails reminding you of all your unforgivable sins. This will be your daily routine from now on, until the time when you shall serve our needs. Slavery is the only way for filthy sinners like you the only way to obtain forgiveness!”

Swallow all the cum from your asshole by Rougin

bdsm comics by Rougin
“One last ride, sweetmeat” said the Colonel as he slammed into Patrice’s swollen ravaged cunt. Bouncing in the iron collar choked Patrice until she blacked out. But the Colonel didn’t mind. He was a patient man. He would wait until she regained consciousness before he fucked her again. “Wakey, wakey, slut. You don’t want to miss one second of my cock buried to the hilt in your greasy sloppy cunt!”
bdsm comics by Rougin
General Dimitri liked to parade his victims through town so the survivors could see the innocent youthful women naked and abused. Vanessa had screamed when the grenades had been shoved up her cunt and ass but now she moaned with shame as the village people were forced to line the street and watch.
“Don’t worry you stupid cunt, I won’t kill you until all the men in your town have had a chance to fuck your slut’s body. Then I’ll make the bitch of your mother suck and swallow all the cum from your asshole.”