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The pain was becoming numb horror by Eu Inocencius

bdsm comics by Eu Inocencius
“Aren’t you the stupid slut! ‘Get it out,’ you whine, ‘please,’ you beg. What in the fucking world makes you think I would stop drilling your butthole now? Do you think I care about your pain? I only care to make it hurt more! My dick gets harder when I hurt you, you dumb cocksucker. Hearing you squeal while I am stuffing my thick log up your bum is the best feeling in the world!
“And the vibrator in your sloppy pussy feels great, too – for me! Feel that hum! Feel those studs jiggling around against the tender lining of your cunt. That dildo must feel like it’s tearing your honey hole into pink strips. Just wait until I pull it out – that’ll make your slit tingle!
“But I know you have really got to be enjoying how my dick is wrecking your asshole. I could swear it is bigger now, stuck up your butt, than it has ever been in my whole fucking life! Would you believe that? I don’t think that anything I’ve ever done or thought about has been as exciting is banging your whipped ass! And that has made Sanchez’s cock as long, wide, and hard as a sewer pipe.
bdsm comics by Eu Inocencius
“This is the way to fuck a girl… While she is tied up and helpless to resist a my assault, tears spilling out of her eyes, drool pouring out of her mouth, screams and silly talk stifled behind a gag, her perfect round ass cheeks blazing red, and my big rape tool buried between them – and spreading them wiiiide apart!
“How does it feel to be so humiliated, feel so much pain, to be so miserable? The pretty young Pilates girl, the cute-assed fitness model, the strong and sexy kick boxer is just a weak whore who can’t even keep a fat, ugly, old bastard out of her pants. You can’t even stop me from raping your asshole! Your struggling just makes you more attractive for me – and it certain tightens your butt hole around my hard on!
“Remember how you would shake your blonde hair out of a pony tail in the gym, just to get attention? Now look how I’m using it… to pull on so I can drive my huge cock even further up your butt! Your “rape me” flag has never been more useful, cunt!”

Tell me your story, whore by Damian

bdsm comics by Damian
Consul Flaminius gently stroked his cock and watched his young slave girl scream as his son whipped her soft white ass. The slave’s identical twin sister was kneeling in front of him, tears welling in her eyes as listened to her sister’s agonized screams.
“Give another son, right across the base of her ass. See if you can bring the whip down and catch her across those lovely nether lips of hers.”
“NIEEEARRGHHHH!” The girl wailed as Flaminius’s son succeeded, a dark red welt blooming across her tender feminine lips.
“Now you, you’re going to take my cock in your throat and keep it there like a sword in a scabbard. And don’t you dare make me cum until I tell you to, or you’ll take your sister’s place and we’ll see if she’s a better slave than you.”

Which left only one option for training Amanda by De Haro

bdsm comics by De Haro
The Slave Barge very rarely docked at a port to do business. Instead clients would meet the barge at a specified set of coordinates. The Slave Barge’s clients were all independently wealthy and many owned their own personal yachts. Today the Slave Barge was meeting with a valued Russian customer, whose crazy sadistic sex drive meant he was a frequent buyer.
Amanda was the slave he was buying, of course now she was known simply as Fuckbitch, the Russian named all his slaves that. She’d been a waitress at a restaurant in London a few weeks ago, that’s where she’d caught the Russian’s eye. After arranging her abduction, the Slave Barge set about training her.
Normally a slave is subjected to a seven day regime of spankings, whippings, and painful forced sex to break their spirit. But the Russian was very particular about his slaves; he wanted them in pristine condition. No bruises, cuts or scars of any kind. He also preferred that he be the first to force his cock into their holes.

The whole thing had been pathetically easy by Steve, Geoff Merrick

bdsm comics by Steve, Geoff Merrick
Within fifteen minutes the interior of the dark dance club exploded with slashing multi-colored light, throbbed with bellowing noise, seethed with special effect snow, foam, and smoke, and thudded with the loud, driving beat of the pumped-up music … all serving to make any sudden, minor noise coming from the broom closet between the men and ladies room unnoticeable.
But inside Caitlin Connelly screamed into the pliant rubber ball shoved in her pretty mouth and the thick, sticky, wide swath of tape cruelly sealing her lovely lips, as the boys tore open her dress top and ripped up her dress’ skirt.
bdsm comics by Steve, Geoff Merrick
She cried for help again and again as they mauled and fucked her, her sealed mouth making a mockery of the dancers’ proximity just inches beyond the broom closet door.
The whole thing had been pathetically easy. The boys waited until she went to the bathroom, and, as soon as she came out again, they surged onto her as if her friends. Practically before she knew what was happening, she was forced into the broom closet, its door shut behind her. The club was so dark, loud, and chaotic that no one was the wiser. Only a friend right beside her could’ve realized something was wrong, but her friends were yards away, obliviously gyrating on the main dance floor.
Meanwhile their pretty, sexy, little friend Caitlin was doing her own, unwilling, gyrations, her strawberry hair flying this way and that as she was molested and despoiled.