The Avenger raised her glass each time the whip stung the woman’s asshole by De Haro

The avenger

The Avenger stood and walked over to whisper into the woman’s ear, She was tied facing a thick pole and her back and ample bottom were covered on welts and red stripes. Oddly enough she had not screamed or cried out during her flagellation, even though she had tried.

“You’re going to receive the same treatment you’re getting on your back and that fat ass of yours in all the right places. Hugo will spin your around and then he’ll whip your cow sized tits until they are zebra-striped. And then he’ll spread your legs and do the same to your pussy. He’ll beat your cunt until your pussy lips look like tiny hams, swollen red!

“And if you are wondering why you can’t scream or yell … Botox injected into your throat has paralyzed your vocal chords, permanently I’d say. You see, we were best friends at one time, but you couldn’t say ‘no’ when The Committee wanted me dealt with, couldn’t say ‘no’ when they asked you to arrange for my capture, or say ‘no’ when they sold me … now you will never be able to say ‘no’ to anything, no matter how degrading, ever again.”

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