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European chick tortured in the East

This is an ancient times story of a poor European babe was enslaved by Eastern warriors. The chick was very beautiful and exotic for these perverts, so they decided to give her exotic treatment. First of all, the young brunette was fucked by anyone who wanted to fuck her in crazy orgy but it was just the beginning of her tortures. She was threatened with the saber to her throat and then her shaved pussy was pinched hard with the pliers making her scream with pain. But the worst was further on. The chick was very disobedient one day so she had one of her arms cut down. So then she forgot all about freedom and became just a freak for fuck for her masters.

Medieval BDSM sex comics

Medieval BDSM sex comics

This high quality BDSM comics is featuring a very hot and sexy brunette who is going through a perverted Medieval torture. There have always been perverted bustards who liked to torture men and girls before fucking them. These hot studs from medieval age are working with one of their fresh victims – a young disobedient brunette who is not very religious. The poor babe is in the dungeon now sitting on the metal construction and is being humiliated by her two executioners. They are sticking her bootie with a dagger and then putting her head into the water bucket. The chick is scared to death and is not even surprised when her pussy was drilled with a huge dick. That night all holes of the slave were penetrated rough. Continue >>