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Fantasy BDSM threesome

Fantasy BDSM threesome

Fantasy world is always full of surprises; you never know who or what is waiting for you round the corner. These two seductive chicks with posh bodies are real rivals when it comes to having a fuck. They decided to seduce a prince and now they are competing who will be the first to get to hid bedroom. The chicks were trying hard to win the cock of the stud and now the blonde is already riding it in his bedroom crying from pleasure. When her brunet rival came in she was shocked when saw the sex scene. The girls decided not to quarrel and very soon both babes were fucked by the prince and it was a really cool fantasy threesome. Continue >>

Perverted games in BDSM dungeon

These are places where beautiful young girls are kept bandaged and tied to the ceiling for the entertainment of some perverted clients. These seductive chicks with posh bodies are living in cold and dark chambers with metal doors waiting for their masters and mistresses to come. There are some trainers as well who teach the babes to be obedient and practice with them different types of bondage. Now the chicks are hanging in the air with their legs wide stretched and are going through hard tortures. One of them is hung upside down and hot candle wax is dropping on her pussy making the babe groaning from pain. And the other one is hanging on the ropes tortured by her master and is getting ready for the mistress to come.