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She was embarrassed but she obeyed and stood naked next to the slave by Damian

Slavegirls in an oriental world

The Sheik called his two servants.
“Fuck the two on the left!” he ordered. The men already had big erections and they didn’t need to be asked twice.

“It’s time to train you now!” the Sheik told his concubine, who had turned her head away again. “Nobody is fucking the Iberian girl,” he said. He ordered two servants to sit her on a table with her legs wide apart.

He turned to his concubine.
“Kiss the slave on her cunt lips”
“I… I don’t like women!”
“I said kiss the slave on the cunt! Get your face in there! Use your tongue! Lick her and suck her!” The concubine looked confused and frightened but she obeyed.

As she kissed and licked, one of the Sheik’s servants brought his riding crop down onto her buttocks…

The Sheik let her work away at the girl’s vulva for a minute or two.
“Are you sucking her clit?” he asked.
“Yes! Don’t make him flog me again, please!”
“Get sucking! And make it wet and noisy!”

The wet noises mixed with the groans and grunts and it all got through to the Sheik.
“Stick your ass up, concubine! Higher!”

He sank his cock deep into her cunt with a quick thrust and soon shot his load into her.

These trainings were usually very brutal and humiliating for these women by Damian

Chinese torments

The political leaders made these comfort stations available to them and when the soldiers were not on the field they paid these stations a visit.

These war hardened men did not go easy on these women, they acted like wild sex starved beasts and ravaged the women completely. They played vile games with them which involved a great deal of whipping and bounding, often leaving the women bruised. They used these women to fulfill their lurid imaginations. The comfort women were in constant pain as they were repeatedly defiled by the affection starved soldiers.

The Japanese soldiers unintentionally used the comfort women to debase Korea. They spread open the whore’s legs to signify the way they would want to penetrate Korea. Then, they drove hard into them. The Japanese military men dehumanized and showed no mercy to the women in the process of satisfying their sexual needs.

The soldiers held the whores down roughly and speared them with their thick hungry cock causing them to cry and scream in agony. They would take their breasts in a firm hold and mold it painfully. The numerous soldiers took turns violating the comfort women. Each woman had to “tend to” multiple soldiers who used them in the most disgusting ways.

No matter how worn out they were, they dare not refuse. If they dared to, they were subject to broken bones, whippings, cigarette burns and knife cuts.

Show your master your big greasy fuckholes by Mr Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

“He could! There is nothing to stop him attacking the Lord and Master of Egypt if he wants to! He would have the might of all Rome behind him!”

“How do you know these things, whore?”

“I know because I was a whore! I know because I was in the subura some years ago. I was just an ordinary whore, but one night Marcus Antonius, Caesar’s lieutenant, came to the whorehouse and I became his lover. He took me out of the brothel later he handed me over to Caesar for a time. I was a kind of gift!

They both liked me. They fucked me for a time and then they freed me and gave me a new identity as a Roman patrician. Ever since then I have worked for Caesar, fucking and being fucked, but spying too and passing information on to him, keeping him well informed about all the rumors of plots against him. I fucked you too, Ptolemy, but you don’t remember me!”

Ptolemy’s face flushed red with anger. If it was true that they had fucked, the whore would have kept Caesar informed about him too!

He grabbed on the lead around my neck and pulled it tight by Mr Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

“Take that, bitch! And you can swing your big heavy tits for me too!”

He walked backwards and watched as I swung my breasts from side to side.

It took a long time to get out of the dungeon and along a stony path that cut into my hands and knees. Every step I took made me groan.

The walk seemed endless. I was already weak from constant abuse and I was leaving my skin behind on the rough stones of the path. My only consolation was that I knew that the perverse evil Ptolemy, a man with no honor or justice in him, carried the curse of Isthar. He deserved a thousand curses.

As I crawled I thought about the curse the Roman woman had put on him. I remembered it and I kept repeating it to myself not to forget it. I wanted his penis to suffer that same curse again.

They had fresh slave meat to fuck by Mr Kane

Black star timelapse

In the rituals girls of all kinds were provided for the general population. Some of them had been cruelly trained and abused. Others still had unspoiled skin and had not been abused by the suppliers, space pirates. They were more expensive and only the rich could buy them.

“Go on, Agjarim! Fuck again! She like it!”
“Ooof! Tight ass! Difficult ass!”
“No! Good ass! Tight ass is good ass!”
“CLICK! OOOOF! UGH! Good fuck now! UGH!”

The native population of the asteroid considered all the women slaves to be inferior creatures. They fucked them again and again until they were exhausted and then they handed them over to be sacrificed. Or they used them to make furniture or clothes with their human skin.

The taxidermist was one of the busiest people on the asteroid. He took special orders of the most disgusting kinds, making customized masturbatory fetishes.