It was her chance to escape! Or so she thought, little did she know it was all a sick game! by Damian

Chinese torments

She took the opportunity and ran from the temple. She dashed towards the copse outside the temple—bare butt and tits jiggling—not minding the sharp edges of the rocks that cut deep into her feet. She could taste her freedom. When suddenly, she felt a tiny prick at the back of her neck, and she was knocked out.

Hours later, she regained consciousness , and found herself bound very tightly, her battered pussy on display, and around her were people she didn’t recognize from the temple who she later discovered were brought to the temple to ‘teach’ her some manners.

Oh, did they teach her indeed!
Months have gone by, and Mei still isn’t accustomed to the despicable treatment she has been subjected to. More men than she can count have come to shove their cocks into her holes and she has been made to do other unimaginable things. Her throat was sore from all the screaming she had done, and her jaw ached from deep throating too many dicks. Her arms and legs were numb from being bound in obscene positions. Her body was covered in red welts from all the whippings she has endured. She was heavily scarred and truly exhausted.

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