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Out for a monday morning walk by Thorn

bdsm comics by Thorn
“Wiggle your cunt, you bitch! Oh Jeez, I’ve got a good head of steam up today! I’m about ready to explode through my pants… I’m gonna rape you just the way you are when we get back, both holes, front and back. We’re gonna visit your Uncle Ernie tonight. He’s the one with the bullwhip, you remember? You must be pleased, your Uncle Ernie’s very fond of you!”
bdsm comics by Thorn
“Hot cunt here… Over 37 degrees in the brown hole. And she drips like a mop as soon as you touch her moist little clitty… Take the usual precautions, Governor.”
“Trust me, doctor. We’ll put her in an isolation cell, stripped off tit and cunt naked, until the temperature goes down. We don’t want any of the other prisoners catching anything nasty, do we?
“And of course the prisoner will receive daily medical care. The treatment takes a long time, but it’s the best way to cure these attacks of high temperature…”
“There, there, kid, no need to cry. Doc and I will see you get all the attention you need, don’t worry about that!”

The last gasp by Noble Vulturenest

bdsm comics by Noble Vulturenest
The remaining women captives are placed on display in the public square. There they will bid upon by the wealthy who seek a heathen slave to do with as they will.
bdsm comics by Noble Vulturenest
The faux Knight is let out to her execution. She had pleaded for clothing to hide her nudity, and so she was given a dirty blanket, draped over her naked body to protect her modesty. When the chains are fastened about her wrists and ankles this is ripped away, to the cheers of the crowd. A noose is placed around her neck and threaded through the post, there to be tightened. The noose is slowly twisted, make her squirm in discomfort at first, and finally choking her, drawing out her animal sounds as she attempts to breath, much to the amusement of the crowd. Then the rope is eased, as she swallows air, wheezing loudly.
Then the nose is again tightened, causing her arms and legs to ffail helplessly in the air. Over and over this scene is repeated until she is too exhausted to put on a good show, and boredom dictates the act be brought to its inevitable end.

He held the flame up in front of her face by Eu Inocencius

bdsm comics by Eu Inocencius
The soldiers tore the clothes from the body of the terrified girl exposing her beauty to all. “Wow! Look at the body on this slant-eyed whore.” They tied her tits and wrists tight enough to cut off circulation. Mei Ling began to beg for mercy but the words turned into screams of pain as the cane slapped across her firm, erect nipples. Her journey into pain had begun. As the program progressed the pain would test the very limits of her sanity. She was soon taken into Lab #1 where Doctor Freda Schecter waited. Mei ling saw the table, the straps, the generator, the wires with the alligator clips. She saw the chains and hooks hanging from the ceiling. But what terrified her most was the sadistic smile on the blond Doctor’s face. “Strap her to the table gentleman. It’s time to begin. This slut makes me specially horny…”"
bdsm comics by Eu Inocencius
“Vanessa watched in horror as the torch spouted flame. The soldier smiled when he saw the look in her eyes. He held the flame up in front of her face. “Now we test your resistance to the flame torture my dear.” He slowly moved the flame toward one firm breast and centered the flame on the nipple. “AAAAUUUMMMPHM” Vanessa screamed around the gag as the delicate flesh began to singe. Another soldier pulled a beautiful brunette girl onto her hands and knees and rammed his cock into her ass. “That’s it comrade, burn the bitch! I love to hear them sing while I fuck!” He pulled her long black hair like the reigns on a horse. “Move your ass bitch, or you’ll trade places with your blond friend!”

Slavegirls in a training wheel by Doval

bdsm comics by Doval
“That was a good shag… Now let’s put everything back again, the two vibes and the gag. A slavegirl needs to be kept restrained at all times when not serving her Master. It’s for her own good. It keeps her in the right frame of mind and ready for further use. To make you fully aware of your body and its uses, I’m gonna leave you on your toes facing the wall, with those nip rings of yours hung from pegs tacked high on the wall, at eye height or a bit higher…”

bdsm comics by Doval

After thousands of turns under the stinging menace of the whip, slavegirls build up strength, learn how to maintain the proper stance, to show off their ringed tits properly and to walk sexily. It also puts them in the right frame of mind for performing their duties and enduring their miserable lives…