I’ll push your forked snake’s tongue out of your mouth by Mr Kane

GQS – Game of slaves

The Cobra was walking away, but he turned round suddenly…
“I grow weary of your nonsense, slave! If you want to keep your tits, close your whore’s mouth!”

In an attack of anger he ran back and stuffed a bronze phallus down her throat, breaking some of her teeth. She screamed as the phallus slid down inside her like a snake.

“You’ll pay for this insolence, slave! I’m going to send for the flagellator! He’ll flog your breasts till you wish you didn’t have them! He’ll flog them to a bloody pulp!”

He sent for the flagellator, who came in carrying a ceremonial bundle of sacred branches. He was a man from the sect of Samneh, famous for its ritual punishments.

“Take a good look at him, bitch!” said the Cobra. “He will flog your treacherous breasts! He will flog them until he has driven all the evil spirits out of them! He does buttocks too, but for the moment your breasts will suffice! HAHA!”

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