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Only instead of 30 or 40 cocks fucking your bound and exposed pussy by De Haro


As always, Forny packed up his gear and policed anything that might be incriminating. He heard a shuffle in the hallway, so he quickly hung the final sign announcing one more ‘sex-positive’ event later in the week. He then picked up his bags and slipped with Gregory through the adjoining room door.

The monitors were already tuned to the woman’s struggling and several young men had already entered the room with their pulsing cocks. They looked at the instructions on wall and went straight to the task.

“Expose cock,” the directions taped to the wall had said. “Slide gag to side, stuff cock in mouth, thrust until balls have emptied in her mouth, leave.”

The first two fucked her in the cunt and the second two fucked her in the ass by Damian

Wild West

Then they turned the brunette over onto her back and they turned to the redhead.
“Lick your friend! Lick her cunt!” they ordered. The redhead looked shocked but had little choice. She obeyed, kneeling down and licking her friend’s open cunt lips.

“Lift your ass, bitch!”
The redhead obeyed and the fifth man put his bow and arrow down and fucked her in the cunt from behind as she licked…

“Lick, bitch, lick! Lick and suck! Harder! Harder!”
The brunette hated it. But it went on and on for a long time and in the end the redhead’s tongue and sucking started to get through to her…

The tribesmen watched, fascinated, as the brunette began to sway gently from side to side. She gasped again. Her nostrils flared and she made soft moaning noises. The noises got louder and more urgent and the warriors took out their cocks and pumped them over the two women.

In the end, despite herself, the woman gave a high-pitched shout and her hips went into hyper-speed. She had a huge orgasm and the noise took the warriors into orgasm too. They shot their spunk over her face and breasts…


The warriors lay on the ground with the women for two hours, licking, sucking and fucking…

Finally they made them stand naked and masturbate for them.
“Touch your cunts! Show us how you cum!”

The girls masturbated for them until they had an orgasm. The men did the same and covered the women with their spunk.

“Go, white bitches! Go tell your men how real men fuck!”

I turned round to see if the hybrid donkey had finished, but he was still fucking the drunk woman by Mr Kane

Black star inferno

“They got Commander Shelman, head of the Fifth Regiment. They captured her when she was on vacation in Bhalihay. I heard the story from a friend of hers.”
“I’ve never been to Bhalihay but I know all about it. It’s in the Siron quadrant of the Ringstone. They’re specialists in sexual vacations.”

“Shelman had a thing about big dicks too but she only wanted exotic males. They gave her all the studs she wanted for a few weeks and then one night they told her she’d won a prize. She got fucked by all the studs she could handle and a few more besides, day and night, non-stop in all her holes. She went into a kind of non-stop orgasm.

Then the last two men fucked her first and then tied her up and gagged her afterwards. They were pirates and they carried her naked and dripping spunk onto a cargo ship. The Captain of the ship was the famous Captain Creek. He fucked her with his biomechanical cock until she couldn’t take any more. He tortured her every way he knew and in the end she agreed to tell them everything she knew. She betrayed the Empire too.”