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His erection stayed hard, but it was horribly twisted by Mr Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

“You’re a lying whore, Roman bitch!”
He squeezed her cheeks in as he spoke.
“I’m going to give you the punishment you deserve, you traitorous slut! I was thinking of sparing your life! I was thinking of keeping you as a fuckpet, but I’ve changed my mind! You don’t deserve a god’s cock up your filthy Roman cunt!”
“You’re hurting me!”
“That’s right, bitch! My men will hurt you too! They’re going to put a phallus in your mouth, right down your spunk-filled throat! That will keep you quiet! You won’t seduce me or anyone else then!

Then they’re going to tear your big fat tits off, very slowly. They’ll hang you up by your tits till your tits come off! Your friend Caesar will be surprised to see them this time! He’s seen them before, hasn’t he, Claudia? But he’s never seen them in a basket, has he? It will be a gift from you! It’ll be a big smelly surprise!

I’ll have you strung up upside down with your legs stretched wide and the sun will boil your cunt, bitch by Mr Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

“AAAAH! You know what? I go to the Pain Auctions sometimes. You Daughters of Isthar would enjoy them! You think you’re cruel with men, don’t you? You’re shit, that’s what you are! The Pain Auction workers are professionals. And they’ve got the crowd behind them! Julius Caesar and those dumb Romans bastards think people want bread and circuses. I’ll tell you what people want! They want cruelty and lust! They want to see cunts and they want to smell them! They want to hurt them too!

Anybody can take their enemies to a Pain Auction! It’s for all kinds of people, the scum of the earth and the biggest landowners! Common thieves and corrupt politicians! Jealous husbands! Women with insolent slaves! It doesn’t matter who! All you have to do is take the victim to the Pain Auction nicely tied up!

People bid for their favorite torture or abuse and the torturers apply it. The victim screams but you can’t hear it because the crowd are chanting and encouraging the torturers!”

I was beginning to understand why he was so interested in the Pain Auction and I was right.

Soniemhej saw his moment and trod on her large breasts just as she was spitting out his semen by Mr Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

Caestus was holding Claudia down onto the ground and never giving her a chance to get her breath back. He saw how angry his master was and he too was getting more violent. He clenched his fists and kept running his fingers nervously through his hair.

The Pharaoh Ptolemy smiled a grim smile as he stared down at Claudia’s terrible session of torture and abuse. But the more he thought about her stories of plots against him, the more he saw that they could be true. There’s no smoke without fire, he thought. Maybe there was something in her stories after all, he wondered, maybe some small grain of truth?

The sinister Soniemhej stood by, staring coldly down and waiting to intervene at any moment. He didn’t know why, but he wanted to punish this beautiful Roman woman. He wanted to fuck her too, like Caestus, but he knew that he couldn’t, and that made him angry and jealous and violent.

I found out later that his nightmares came every night by Mr Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

“OK, you bastards! You’re going to feed this whore every day, but only with your sore dicks! Semen only, understand? Make sure she swallows it all down to the last drop, because that’s all the food she’s going to get! Thirty-three blowjobs a day should be enough to keep her going! These Daughters of Isthar are tough bitches!”

“But, Domina, this bitch belongs to the Pharaoh! He might not like it!”

“I decide what is right in my own ludus! I know the school is under the Pharaoh’s protection, but it’s mine and I decide how t treat the bitches they bring here! And you can all be careful, too! Just one blowjob each. And there’s an exception! The men who’ve fucked her already will eat my cunt! It’s punishment for not telling me about this show!”

He was covering her bruised breasts in a soothing oil and his eyes were fixed on them by Mr Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

“You fucking slut! You dirty whore! Your tits seduced me, a Pharaoh! And how did you thank me for putting a god’s cock in your cunt? You plotted against me, you slut, you Roman bitch!”

“Tell me, what have you done to deserve my forgiveness? You sold me to Rome, that’s what you did! You spied on me, you plotted against me, a god, a Pharaoh! You betrayed me and you betrayed all Egypt!”

The blows rained down on Claudia’s well-oiled breasts over and over again. She swayed on her feet, unable to cope with the stinging pain…

“Forgive me, your Excellency! You are my King and my only god! Forgive me, please!”

Take that, slut! UGH! And that! And that! Right up your fucking ass! Mr Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

“Are you going to talk now, or do you want to be fucked again?” Ptolemy asked in a quiet voice. His anger seemed to have turned into lust. Claudia said nothing.

“You’re not helping very much, you’re not helping me or yourself, you stupid whore! But if you’re not ready to talk yet, you can show me your cunt and your asshole.” He ran his fingers around inside her. She was in a bad way, he could feel. Caestus’s studded addition to his cock had torn her apart inside.

Caestus smiled. His studded phallus shone with her intimate secretions.

“We’ll start with a couple more sessions,” the Pharaoh said. “Thiat’s nothing for a man like Caestus. He’s a hard worker! Of course, if you change your mind and you want to talk, we will listen to you.”

The Cobra poured olive oil onto his cock and pushed it deep into Domina Rufia’s vagina by Mr Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

“If you want to know the truth, you belong to me now! UGH! You’re part of the ludus and its slaves! UGH!”

“You’re a filthy liar, Cobra! Your forked tongue couldn’t speak the truth if it tried! I was a slave but I’m a free woman now! I was released! My husband released me when he married me!”

“Prove it!” the Cobra said. ”Where’s the document? Nobody’s seen it! It must have got lost in Rome!”

“No! The deeds were all presented in Alexandria! It was all done legally!”

“They were never presented, Rufia! If you look in the inventory of the ludus, you’ll find yourself there! You’re described as the principle slave! That’s the pleasure slave! Haha! You’re just a slut, a whore! And it’s giving me a lot of pleasure to fuck the pleasure slave, bitch! Take that! And that! And that!”

By the time we’ve finished with you, nobody will want to see those big tits of yours, whore by Mr Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

The thugs got grease and pushed two bronze arrow-heads into Luvia, one in her cunt and one in her anus.
Luvia tried to scream, but she had no voice left and she could only croak like a frog as the thick bronze arrow-heads were rotated inside her.

“Give them a good hard twist, both directions!” Domina Rufia ordered. She reserved this torture for those who had offended her in some special way.

Luvia’s vagina and anus would never be the same again…

I must have fainted again after the agony of anal penetration by Mr Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

I slowly realized that they had sat me up and tied me to the bars. I tried to move, but it was too painful. Every little movement drove the bronze phallus deeper into me and scratched my bowels. They felt as if they were on fire, while the rest of me was cold. I was still covered in their semen, but it was dry now.

The bastard gladiators had tied my breasts off with the dog’s leash. It was digging deep into them and they felt hard.

It was all too much for me. I went into a kind of trance, a dark nightmare full of shouts and screams and groans. I was reliving Claudia’s cruel abuse at the hands of Caestus…

The nightmare seemed as long as the abuse she suffered. I remembered how she had ended up confessing everything.

Show your master your big greasy fuckholes by Mr Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

“He could! There is nothing to stop him attacking the Lord and Master of Egypt if he wants to! He would have the might of all Rome behind him!”

“How do you know these things, whore?”

“I know because I was a whore! I know because I was in the subura some years ago. I was just an ordinary whore, but one night Marcus Antonius, Caesar’s lieutenant, came to the whorehouse and I became his lover. He took me out of the brothel later he handed me over to Caesar for a time. I was a kind of gift!

They both liked me. They fucked me for a time and then they freed me and gave me a new identity as a Roman patrician. Ever since then I have worked for Caesar, fucking and being fucked, but spying too and passing information on to him, keeping him well informed about all the rumors of plots against him. I fucked you too, Ptolemy, but you don’t remember me!”

Ptolemy’s face flushed red with anger. If it was true that they had fucked, the whore would have kept Caesar informed about him too!