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Garage by De Haro

bdsm comics by De Haro
Christine fancied herself a horror-movie director, and in preparation for filming her own amateur movie, decided to scout out an old abandoned industrial garage. She brought her boyfriend, who served as her cameraman with her. Unfortunately she discovered the garage wasn’t as abandoned as she’d thought…
“Please, let us go! Can’t you see he needs help!?” Christine sobbed as the masked maniac finished tying her boyfriend to an old rusted girder. He was unconscious from the vicious blow from the tire iron the maniac had introduced himself with.
“Shut up! Now, you either do what I say, or I tie you up and make you watch as I take apart your pretty boyfriend here piece by piece.” The maniac said. “Now strip!”
“Okay! Okay! Just please, don’t hurt him!” Christine said, her entire body quivering like a leaf as she began to pull her clothes off. Soon her petite body was stark naked, her nipples immediately becoming hard and erect in the frigid air of the garage.

Coacher by De Haro

bdsm comics by De Haro
Mai was an up and coming Chinese gymnast, but now she was just another product to be sold like a piece of meat. Right now she was using her flexibility to give Coach Randy a better angle at which to stretch and pummel her pussy with his cock, each painful punch in her cervix making her squirm in agony. Asian pussy was at a premium right now, and a gymnast would net him a lot of money. She didn’t even really need training. Randy just had a weakness for tight Asian ass and pussy…

You’ve been a bad, bad girl by Steve, Geoffrey Merrick

bdsm comics by Steve, Geoffrey Merrick
The teacher flicked the switch perfectly across the girl’s nipples. Al was afraid everyone in the police station heard the girl’s scream. He quickly clicked the phone shut.
“What’s up?” Ted asked casually.
“Uh, nothing,” the deliveryman said, lowering his hand so it obscured the bulge in his pants. “It’s just that … um … Dotty’s got a little something waiting for me back home.” Ted looked up inquiringly from his desk. “We’re … ah … celebrating.”
“Well, don’t let me keep you tiger,” Ted grinned.
Al left the station as fast as he could, setting a new world’s record for deliveries that morning.
When Al got back, Dotty’s car was gone and the girl was nowhere in sight. Could the teacher have brought Claire with her for afternoon classes?
The deliveryman had a vision of the girl brutally bound and viciously gagged in the trunk or across the back seat wearing a cheerleader outfit or yet another schoolgirl get-up, but he quickly discarded the thought.

That will come later by Eu Inocencius

bdsm comics by Eu Inocencius
“That will come later. Let me focus on blondie’s big jugs now! Whipped nice and pretty, weren’t they, girl? Feel good, don’t they?”
“Ooowwggghhh! Auowwgghh!”
It’s like he’s trying to pull them off me! His fingers are digging in like he wants them to get through my ribs! Won’t this sick fuck ever stop hurting me!
“You thought these round mounds of fat were your power, didn’t you, bitch! You thought that your funbags existed for men to fondle gently, to lick, to kiss… to worship? Fuck that, cunt! I know how a girl’s titties deserve to be used! Hard and cruel, especially the breast meat of a pretty, arrogant tramp like you! Every moan that comes from your gagged suck hole when I clamp my fingers into your whipped boobies makes my dick twitch with pleasure. ”
“We are getting near that special time, the moment you have been waiting for, the time when you get to be intimate with your girlfriend. I just want to make it real clear that even if I let you get all licking lezzie with this red haired slut, you are still my slave girl! Think of your sore, throbbing, red udders feel right now when you start to think about not being a good slave girl and doing what you are told.”

Proximity by Damian

bdsm comics by Damian
Titus first saw the girl in a slave auction. It was clear from the beginning that she had a special quality that attracted men…
There were thirty slaves in the room. Bidding had not begun and people were still examining the women. Each girl stood in the centre of a group of potential buyers who were feeling their breasts, buttocks and thighs. The girls all looked confused and distant while fingers pressed into their flesh and other fingers explored their mouths and teeth.
From time to time a gasp was heard as probing fingers ran around a girl’s sex lips, or rubbed her clitoris to see how she reacted. Customers were seen examining their fingers for signs of wetness and then sniffing them to catch the persistent, elusive, animal smell of a healthy cunt.
Some customers went down on their knees to examine a cunt more closely. They pulled the lips apart and commented on the color…
“Get an eyeful of that, Romulus! Nice and pink!” said an old man.
“There’s a lot of pleasure in a cunt like that. It must have a pair of big udders to go with it!” his companion replied.
“Those are not bad! She’ll give you a good tit-fuck if she squeezes your dick between them!”
Titus noticed a larger group of men around a blonde slave, and he walked over. She was wearing only her slave collar, but she looked lovely in it. She didn’t seem to be mentally absent like the other girls and she responded differently to the physical examination.
Every touch seemed to get through to her. When she gasped, her breasts swung invitingly. When her sex lips were opened, she was glistening with her woman’s juices. When she made noises, they were soft, intimate noises, low groans that fascinated the buyers.

Read to take a closer look at the horrors they endure of the Roman decadence by Damian

bdsm comics by Damian
Tyrelia tried to hold back her sobs as the regal Roman woman gently stripped away her ragged slave rags. She’d just been sold to this powerful patrician family… and she was terrified.
“Aww, don’t be afraid my little flower.” The woman purred, running a long, perfectly manicured across Tyrelia’s nipple, circling it slowly until it stood erect. “You’re going to bring me such pleasure, my dear. And I’ll give you such pleasure in return.
“Please…I’ve… I’ve never done it. And never…I’m not…” Tyrelia began weeping like a child as the woman began stripping off her own silken robes. Tyrelia cringed as the woman embraced her, completely taken aback by the alien feel of another woman’s nipples against her own. She was so distracted that Tyrelia didn’t notice the man lurking out of the darkness wielding a cane…
The cane made a vicious, biting sound as it went cutting across the trembling pale globes of Tyrelia’s bottom. An angry red welt immediately began blooming in its wake and the slave girl shrieked into her owner’s ear.

Trying out by De Haro

bdsm comics by Steve, Geoffrey Merrick
She desperately tried to remain unresponsive as her face crumbled into revulsion, tears stinging her eyes. But when he tongued her ear, she couldn’t help but shudder, her shoulders spasming.
He drew slightly back, his fingers stilling on her tit. “Hey baby,” he mumbled. “Sorry I woke you.” Then he immediately restarted slobbering all over her face, neck, shoulders and arms. Between kisses he whispered, “Relax … it’s okay … just relax….”
Struggling to keep from reacting, the girl carefully tested her limbs under the covers. Her legs seemed free, but when she tried to move her feet she discovered that her big toes were affixed together. Her attention snapped back to her assailant when his mouth made its way down her chest. Claire’s back arched, her eyes screwing shut as his lips found her breasts.
He’d knead them out of the lace v-neck and suck on the nipples like ice cream. Claire heard herself mewl, drool pouring out either side of her wrenched-back mouth.
“Like that, huh?” he quietly leered. “All right then….” He went back to it: kneading, suckling, licking, and nipping as she shook her head in loathing.
Claire started to shake, but he jerked her by her breasts. “I wouldn’t do that,” he softly warned. “You think this is bad? You don’t wanna know what would happen if you wake her.” He nodded toward the snoring teacher.
Claire’s big, wet, wide eyes stared into her molestor’s … then she slowly stiffened, her nostrils flaring.
“Smart girl,” he commended, then reached around to grab her ass, pulling her even closer against him. Embracing her tightly, he began to suckle her throat, leaving hickeys behind. Claire’s body began to shudder with sobs.
“Aw, don’t do that,” he chided, grabbing both her tits. “It’s so damn sexy! Here, I got an idea.”
He dragged her under him, on her back, and lay atop her, planting his mouth back around her sopping wet lips.