Then the priest pushed her down onto the jailer’s chest and lifted her buttocks by Damian

Witch hunt

Gabrielle had been arrested the day before and had spent the night in jail. She was tied to a table with her legs wide apart and she had a blindfold on. In the night men came to her cell. She couldn’t see them and they didn’t speak but she thought there were two of them. They adjusted the ropes so that her head hung back over the edge of the table. One of them held her head and fucked her mouth while the other fucked her in the cunt. It happened four times.

The next morning two guards took her blindfold off. She thought she recognized their voices from the grunts and groans they made the night before.

“Over here, witch! You’re gonna get La Toca today!”

“La toca” was a form of waterboarding. A cloth was placed in the victim’s mouth and water was poured onto it.

“Do you attend witch’s sabbats?”
“Do you know any witch’s spells?”
“Can you cause storms and lightning?”
“Do you make animals or people ill?”
“Does the Evil One suck your nipples?”

As they asked their questions they poured water onto the cloth. At first they did it for a short time and allowed her to catch her breath, but she refused to confess and they poured more water and gave her less time to breathe. She was terrified. She knew that people had died from this.

“Try the needles!” said the priest. They stuck hot needles into her, but she still did not confess.

By that time the priest and the jailers had erections that were bothering them. They couldn’t take their eyes off her breasts or her cunt lips. She saw this.

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