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Arabian rich men prefer BDSM

Some rich men can get bored with everyday sex with posh models and they want to have something spicier. Arabian rich men like to purchase European girls and then do with them whatever they want. These two babes were sold to one of Arabian sheikhs and now the bustard is using them in his BDSM art dungeon. One of the chicks – a sexy blonde – was presented to him a s a bonus. The man chained the busty babes to the wall and pierced their boobs and noses. The chicks couldn’t move without making themselves pain. Then the bonus girl was struck with electricity provided trough two dildos stuck into her pussy and ass-hole.

Hardcore and sexy Inquisition

Hardcore and sexy Inquisition

Many years ago it was very inconvenient and even dangerous for a girl to be beautiful and look sexy as she could be easily considered to be witch. In this case the poor babe would be surely tortured by Inquisition which is obviously the creator of BDSM plays. Now you can see how a seductive young girl was is tied naked with her hands to the ceiling of the chapel and two monks with an executioner are torturing her hard. They are making her suffer from beating and whipping and then the chick will have to sit down on a wooden pony with a dick on the top and ride it showing how the sexy sinner was fucking with Satan.