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The old Sheik made sure she found them by Damian

bdsm comics by Damian
Lisa screamed as the rough hemp rope dug into her wrists as she was hoisted into the air. “You arrogant western pig” said Maud-Bal. “You refused a direct order to spread your ass cheeks and display your holes to my guests. Now they will hear to your screams while you are trained to obey!”
“NoooM PleeeaseM” Lisa begged as the whip began to fall.
“Raise her higher and spread her legs. I want to watch her struggle while the whip curls and stings the holes she tried to hide!”
bdsm comics by Damian
Judy had come to the Middle East to search for her missing sisters. The old Sheik made sure she found them. Locked away in his large harem, Judy, soon learned how to service the musky cunts of her sisters and the Shiek’s other 40 wives.
She lapped furiously at sister Vanessa’s pussy trying to make her cum. Sister Linda would be whipped until Vanessa was done. The soft sounds of licking, sucking and moaning mingled with the pitiful screams of the beaten brunette. “Yeah…. you white cunts are so fun to own!” Said the old bastard.

Defiled innocents by Hines

bdsm comics by Hines
…The trustee Rhaseeda smirked as she regarded how her beautiful victim trembled from the punishment given her by Rhaseeda’s riding crop. ” See how your pretty friend already wants to confess, humm? Maybe my friend will stop whipping her if she thinks it will be a really good confession! But you want to confess also? You want to tell how you and the rest of the nuns conspired against our government, don’t you?”
Rebecca’s voice quivered with hopelessness as she answered, ” Yes, yes…Please let me confess! I’ll say anything you want!”
” Ah, that’s the proper attitude,” Rhaseeda chuckled. She found the lips of the girl’s pussy with a finger, then two, then three… ” Such a pretty cunt you have, girl. I like it. I like it very much….”…

bdsm comics by Hines
…CpI. Salam had just come onto guard duty and had ordered that the white Western prisoner named brought to join him at the cell called “the Fuck Room”.
“Salam will fuck you now, English girl,” Salam announced as his thick tongue snaked into her mouth and his huge, ready cock brushed against her thigh. “Get down on your hands and knees so Salam can fuck you in your ass, okay? Salam will fuck your ass hard like always. Then you will suck all the juices from Salam’s cock like you always do and keep Salam happy.”…

Illegal immigrant by Aries

bdsm comics by Aries
“Don’t move, you foreigner! Sit down on that fucking table! So… you say you’re not a fucking whore but you work in the fucking local whorehouse… You’re fucking lying to me! A whore that works in a whorehouse is a whore. A slut! You’re a fucking slut!
I’ve been checking… you’re not in any fucking record in this country. Officially, and practically, you’re not here now, you don’t exist. This gives me ideas… yes… instead of handing you to the customs authorities I’ll give you what you want… a fucking job in this country. As my personal whore… what you think? Is this a deal? Do you understand a fucking word of what I say?
Are you stupid or just a fucking foreigner that doesn’t understand a fucking word of English?”

bdsm comics by Aries
“I won’t say it again… I want those fucking nips hard and pointing to my eyes all the time. Failure to do so means that I make them hard with those fucking pliers, got it? A fuck toy gets aroused each time she sees her Master!”