Thrilling comics with shocking bdsm scenes

Gang business by Hines

bdsm comics by Hines
“Damn! These three bitches are gonna make us lot of money!” Yolanda’s brain was already calculating how much this mother and her two daughters could earn when they were put to work as slave-whores. The family thing would also be an added attraction and selling point.
Lots of guys were really going to be excited when they learned that they could fuck the mother in front of her daughts or vice-versa. And pay extra. And maybe they would also pay big money to watch the mother and daughters being forced to eat each other’s pussies!
Yolanda liked how the 18 and 19 year-old daughters looked in their new white trash/whore outfits, hairstyles and make-up. And she noticed that LeRoy was obviously impressed with how the mother looked in her new trashy short dress.
“Shit, Momma, you is lookin’ better that your two girls! Makin’ my cock all hard – it hurtin’ stretchin’ against my pants! Ummm…Let me feel that pussy of yours….I just gots to fuck ya again, bitch! C’mon, let’s go back to my room, baby, so you can make LeRoy’s big dick feel all good again, rammin’ amd a-jammin’ that cunt of yours!”
bdsm comics by Hines
Word traveled fast, and Colleen accomplished mouth and slavish lips and tongue was soon servicing and milking the sperm up from the ballsacs and out of the cocks of happy, demanding customers much as 18 hours a day, 7 days a week…..
“Good girl… now you start again from the beginning… I paid 4 hours and you did me in 5 minutes. I’ll last more this time, I promise… After you’ll do my asshole for a change…”

Auctioneers by Hines

bdsm comics by Hines
“Earl, dont you dare let this one get away, you hear me? Quit playin’ around and buy the bitch! You got all them young trailer trash you always runnin’ around with and pokin’ over at the motel – well, I want this fine-lookin’ thing to keep me all warm and pleasured whenever I want it. So get her! And one more thing. I ain’t sharin’ her with ya. The only tastes she gonna have on her tongue is my pussy and my asshole. Get it done, Earl.”
Earl knew better than to disappoint his wife. He raised a finger and sighed, ” Okay, damnmit, ten thousand.”

bdsm comics by Hines

“This here is gonna be your little place, girl,” Dotty informed her. “Don’t ya fret yourself none about how it looks ’cause the only thing that will be important to ya is keepin’ a clean sheet. 01′
Elmer here might look a bit frail, but the man shoots cum like our big bull out in the yard. And I really starts leakin’ juices when I gets my pussy licked. So you’ll be havin’ to change sheets quite bit. Now I wants ya to know that one of the things I’m real big on is whippin’. That’s one of the reasons besides sex that we got ya. Elmer’s just gonna be fuckin’ every day. But me, I likes to be spendin’ a couple nights a week in here just with you and this ol’ strap thats I keep in the main house. You know, I used to work as a guard over at the State Women’s Prison. Some of my best memories is how I used to take a pretty little think down to the boiler room and lay the strap to her so’s to give her the right attitude. So I knows you gonna keep me real happy with ya here.”

Inquisition law by Badia

bdsm comics by Badia
“These witches have no sense of family ties… Would you believe this mother has trained her own daughter to entertain the Devil?” comments Alfonso to the tormentor… “We are going to remind them of the holiness of motherhood”.
“Strap down the mother on the rack… Break her bones one by one, starting with the feet and going up slowly… When you’re done with the legs of the mother, I will work on the daughter. Her juvenile flesh will peel easily under the bullwhip… Let’s see how the mother reacts to the skinning of her offspring…”
bdsm comics by Badia
“Father, this investigation is killing me… Too many naked harlots around here… It is nice of you to allow me this little pleasure with the bitch…
A man in my humble position doesn’t have the strength of you men of the cloth…”
“Enjoy the moment, Raul… 1 heard this worthless cunt has a specialty for pleasing men with her mouth… when she’s not busy offering her ass to the Lord of Flies… Make sure to take advantage of her tongue… because I’m about to tear it out… For good measure, I will shove it into her ass so deep that the Devil himself will never be able to reach it.”

Alone with her kidnapper by Eu Inocencius

bdsm comics by Eu Inocencius
“I know you had a great time too… I felt you coming like a whore… You young bitches are pervs, you like it up your smelly shit-holes more than your greasy snatches. Yeah… I’ll bump you and I’ll pump you every day, all day… You’ll get to love it!”
GIRL THINKS: Maybe the twisted slob will have a heart attack. It’s my only hope…
bdsm comics by Eu Inocencius
What do you think of your Master’s love nest, slave? This is where you’ll cook, clean and do all sorts of house amenities like licking your Master’s ass-crack clean. But mostly you’ll be licking my dick and balls and having your holes soundly porked… It was a fucking pain in the ass having to walk to the bam every time I wanted to use your holes!

Normandy 10th century

bdsm comics by Aries
“Life could have been easy for you, dumb bitch! These two fuck pigs here are cleverer than you… Now, they will brand you as my third cum bucket… Smile, bitch, sooner or later you’ll get to love it!”

bdsm comics by Aries

Beasts of burden and Master’s fucktoys. “Move faster, you fucking cows… We’re just starting, and my land is huge… As is my appetite for silly bitches… No break time for you except to get fucked. Yeah…. You’ll get plenty of cock. The three of you. I like to sag sweaty little slaves…”

Missing by Tryten

bdsm comics by Tryten
The men tied Helen to beams and beat her on the breasts and stomach with a long, bendy willow cane.
“Yeah… I always wanted to whip a naked chick like this…. you won’t spit on me again, bitch!” “NOOOOOOOO… stop it… NOOOOOOOO!!!”
bdsm comics by Tryten
“Well done, blondie. On your knees with your legs open wide showing your cunt and with your hands clasped behind your lovely head offering those lovely tits of yours. This is the posture you’ll adopt when you’re not in use, like a good little slave… now we’re gonna hang you for the night. You’ll have plenty of time to think on your new life as our blonde sex toy.”

I’m gonna fuck all your holes raw, slave by Doval

bdsm comics by Doval
A ring gag serves many purposes when tightly fitted on a young slavegirl’s mouth. Some of these uses are merely utilitarian: she can be force-fed, face-fucked and she can have her tongue stretched or pierced. Other uses are more psychological and more appropriate as training periods. The prolonged use of one of these cruel devices, sometimes over many weeks or months, submits the slavegirl to a continuous dribbling and of course impedes the use one of the most human of all characteristics: speech. The slavegirl feels utterly humiliated and defenseless, making her break-in period shorter.
But in most cases, the prolonged use of a huge ring on a slavegirl responds to the personal whims of owners, who impose this dreadful torture on their property just for the fun of it.
bdsm comics by Doval
“Stick that tongue out like a fool if you want your chastity belt removed so you can be thoroughly shafted by your trainer, whore. Yeah… good girl… I’m gonna fuck all your holes raw, slave. Your piss-hole goes first, your shit-hole second and then you clean my sausage with that lithe, pink tongue of yours. How do you like the sound of that program? Hey… you are willing to do anything to have your chastity bell removed, uh? This is gonna be our little secret, though. Not a word to your Mistress, she wouldn’t approve… My God, that was silly of me, wasn’t it! How could you tell her with that gag holding your jaws apart!”

Please satisfy yourself dear friend by Damian

bdsm comics by Damian
“Make her dance for me please Oppius,” said Domnina smiling.
The old slaver smiled and began to slash the defenseless blond across her ass and backsides. Primilla’s screamed and thrashed around in her painful bondage. Her young full breasts swung and bobbed lewdly from side to side and she leapt about wildly trying to avoid the next swing of the rod.
Domnina laughed and clapped at the frantic reaction of the young girl she had just purchased. Oppius, although he had sold hundreds of young girls into the hands of owners both kind and cruel, was particularly fond of Primilla’s youthful beauty. This fact was evinced by the full thick bulge against the front of his robes.
“I see your desire for this young bitch,” Domnina said with a little smile, “please satisfy yourself dear friend. Consider it a bonus for your years of good service. But only take her ass. I will break her maidenhead with my burrowing fist later this evening.”
bdsm comics by Damian
Gargilius grabbed a handful of hair and pulled the mother’s mouth down over his cock. He slammed in and out of her as her red-haired daughter knelt nearby and wept. Suddenly, Gargilius drove his prick so deep into the mother’s mouth that his balls slapped wetly against her chin. She gagged hard and vomited over the length of Gargilius’ pummeling member.
“You’ll have to do better than that you stupid bitch,” Gargilius roared, “unless you want your pretty daughter to see her mother fed to my crocodiles. They will rip your flesh and break your bones. The last thing you’ll ever see besides their gaping mouths and countless teeth, will be the sight of your daughter swallowing my cum.”
Gargulius grabbed the red headed daughter and forced her into his crotch.

Out for a monday morning walk by Thorn

bdsm comics by Thorn
“Wiggle your cunt, you bitch! Oh Jeez, I’ve got a good head of steam up today! I’m about ready to explode through my pants… I’m gonna rape you just the way you are when we get back, both holes, front and back. We’re gonna visit your Uncle Ernie tonight. He’s the one with the bullwhip, you remember? You must be pleased, your Uncle Ernie’s very fond of you!”
bdsm comics by Thorn
“Hot cunt here… Over 37 degrees in the brown hole. And she drips like a mop as soon as you touch her moist little clitty… Take the usual precautions, Governor.”
“Trust me, doctor. We’ll put her in an isolation cell, stripped off tit and cunt naked, until the temperature goes down. We don’t want any of the other prisoners catching anything nasty, do we?
“And of course the prisoner will receive daily medical care. The treatment takes a long time, but it’s the best way to cure these attacks of high temperature…”
“There, there, kid, no need to cry. Doc and I will see you get all the attention you need, don’t worry about that!”

The last gasp by Noble Vulturenest

bdsm comics by Noble Vulturenest
The remaining women captives are placed on display in the public square. There they will bid upon by the wealthy who seek a heathen slave to do with as they will.
bdsm comics by Noble Vulturenest
The faux Knight is let out to her execution. She had pleaded for clothing to hide her nudity, and so she was given a dirty blanket, draped over her naked body to protect her modesty. When the chains are fastened about her wrists and ankles this is ripped away, to the cheers of the crowd. A noose is placed around her neck and threaded through the post, there to be tightened. The noose is slowly twisted, make her squirm in discomfort at first, and finally choking her, drawing out her animal sounds as she attempts to breath, much to the amusement of the crowd. Then the rope is eased, as she swallows air, wheezing loudly.
Then the nose is again tightened, causing her arms and legs to ffail helplessly in the air. Over and over this scene is repeated until she is too exhausted to put on a good show, and boredom dictates the act be brought to its inevitable end.