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I’ll push your forked snake’s tongue out of your mouth by Mr Kane

GQS – Game of slaves

The Cobra was walking away, but he turned round suddenly…
“I grow weary of your nonsense, slave! If you want to keep your tits, close your whore’s mouth!”

In an attack of anger he ran back and stuffed a bronze phallus down her throat, breaking some of her teeth. She screamed as the phallus slid down inside her like a snake.

“You’ll pay for this insolence, slave! I’m going to send for the flagellator! He’ll flog your breasts till you wish you didn’t have them! He’ll flog them to a bloody pulp!”

He sent for the flagellator, who came in carrying a ceremonial bundle of sacred branches. He was a man from the sect of Samneh, famous for its ritual punishments.

“Take a good look at him, bitch!” said the Cobra. “He will flog your treacherous breasts! He will flog them until he has driven all the evil spirits out of them! He does buttocks too, but for the moment your breasts will suffice! HAHA!”

It was her chance to escape! Or so she thought, little did she know it was all a sick game! by Damian

Chinese torments

She took the opportunity and ran from the temple. She dashed towards the copse outside the temple—bare butt and tits jiggling—not minding the sharp edges of the rocks that cut deep into her feet. She could taste her freedom. When suddenly, she felt a tiny prick at the back of her neck, and she was knocked out.

Hours later, she regained consciousness , and found herself bound very tightly, her battered pussy on display, and around her were people she didn’t recognize from the temple who she later discovered were brought to the temple to ‘teach’ her some manners.

Oh, did they teach her indeed!
Months have gone by, and Mei still isn’t accustomed to the despicable treatment she has been subjected to. More men than she can count have come to shove their cocks into her holes and she has been made to do other unimaginable things. Her throat was sore from all the screaming she had done, and her jaw ached from deep throating too many dicks. Her arms and legs were numb from being bound in obscene positions. Her body was covered in red welts from all the whippings she has endured. She was heavily scarred and truly exhausted.

His erection stayed hard, but it was horribly twisted by Mr Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

“You’re a lying whore, Roman bitch!”
He squeezed her cheeks in as he spoke.
“I’m going to give you the punishment you deserve, you traitorous slut! I was thinking of sparing your life! I was thinking of keeping you as a fuckpet, but I’ve changed my mind! You don’t deserve a god’s cock up your filthy Roman cunt!”
“You’re hurting me!”
“That’s right, bitch! My men will hurt you too! They’re going to put a phallus in your mouth, right down your spunk-filled throat! That will keep you quiet! You won’t seduce me or anyone else then!

Then they’re going to tear your big fat tits off, very slowly. They’ll hang you up by your tits till your tits come off! Your friend Caesar will be surprised to see them this time! He’s seen them before, hasn’t he, Claudia? But he’s never seen them in a basket, has he? It will be a gift from you! It’ll be a big smelly surprise!

The Avenger raised her glass each time the whip stung the woman’s asshole by De Haro

The avenger

The Avenger stood and walked over to whisper into the woman’s ear, She was tied facing a thick pole and her back and ample bottom were covered on welts and red stripes. Oddly enough she had not screamed or cried out during her flagellation, even though she had tried.

“You’re going to receive the same treatment you’re getting on your back and that fat ass of yours in all the right places. Hugo will spin your around and then he’ll whip your cow sized tits until they are zebra-striped. And then he’ll spread your legs and do the same to your pussy. He’ll beat your cunt until your pussy lips look like tiny hams, swollen red!

“And if you are wondering why you can’t scream or yell … Botox injected into your throat has paralyzed your vocal chords, permanently I’d say. You see, we were best friends at one time, but you couldn’t say ‘no’ when The Committee wanted me dealt with, couldn’t say ‘no’ when they asked you to arrange for my capture, or say ‘no’ when they sold me … now you will never be able to say ‘no’ to anything, no matter how degrading, ever again.”

The stud obeyed and the two women walked around him, stroking his buttocks and penis, causing him to groan and gasp by Mr Kane

Black star timelapse

It was the inframale’s first day and he was nervous. He was a slave and a stud, but he was new and inexperienced. Nobody had told him what to expect. They just told him that if he didn’t do a good job he would spend the next two weeks tied by the balls to the garbage trucks, walking or running behind them.

He had a hard-on but he didn’t look horny. He looked quiet and uncomfortable.

Ghilgrum on the other hand was wet and raring to get her hands on him. As soon as she stripped off she bent over and got hold of his hard-on. She squatted down and sucked it as if her life depended on it…

“Mmmm! Lovely cock!” she mumbled.

Her friend Shrofina was worried.
“Ghilgrum, take it easy! Remember what the Cockhunters said! Don’t let him cum! He’s not supposed to cum!”
“How am I supposed to stop him? He’s nearly shooting off already!”
“Squeeze his balls! Hard!”

The stud doubled up and yelled. A couple of drops of pre-cum came out, but nothing else. His cock was still hard.

And then suddenly the mutants, infrahuman creatures that spoke in clicks and groans, were fucking her by Mr Kane

Black star timelapse

“NOOOOOOOO!!! Please, stop! Don’t hurt me, please! Why are you doing this? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

But it didn’t matter what she said because they didn’t understand her. Her legs were wide apart and her cunt lips were well displayed and that was all that interested them. They didn’t understand her but they wouldn’t have stopped anyway because she was one of the chosen ones…

She had a rope around her left foot. It pulled her leg up and tensed the thigh muscles painfully. From time to time the mutants put their fingers in her cunt lips and sniffed them. She knew she was wet. She could feel it running down her cunt lips and it embarrassed her.

A mutant suddenly pulled her other leg, stretching her abductors to near breaking point. He slowly lowered his head and put his face in her wet cunt lips. He rubbed it around and took a deep sniff. The girl’s screams had no effect on him. He was only interested in her vulva and its sharp pungent smell.

They said her buttocks were firm and round like a full moon by Damian

Chinese torments

“You will be purified by heat but also by pain,” the leader said. “Are you ready? Yin and yang, pleasure and pain!”
“Yes,” she said nervously.

The leader held up his riding crop make of hard twisted leather and brought it down onto her buttocks, which shone irresistibly in the torchlight.


She screamed as the cruel crop bit deep into her buttocks, raising red welts.


She screamed again and again as the crop came down, on her back of her thighs, on the soles of her feet and also on her naked breasts…


“Take her down,” he ordered. “I will purify her buttocks.”
They placed her on the ground and lifted her buttocks. The leader poured oil on his cock and pushed it deep into her bowels…

After a time he gave orders for a wooden table to be placed under her stomach. This lifted her head. A Sect member held her mouth open while another man fucked her in the mouth.

All the men fucked her. Those who wanted to were allowed to turn her over and fuck her in the cunt.

I’ll have you strung up upside down with your legs stretched wide and the sun will boil your cunt, bitch by Mr Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

“AAAAH! You know what? I go to the Pain Auctions sometimes. You Daughters of Isthar would enjoy them! You think you’re cruel with men, don’t you? You’re shit, that’s what you are! The Pain Auction workers are professionals. And they’ve got the crowd behind them! Julius Caesar and those dumb Romans bastards think people want bread and circuses. I’ll tell you what people want! They want cruelty and lust! They want to see cunts and they want to smell them! They want to hurt them too!

Anybody can take their enemies to a Pain Auction! It’s for all kinds of people, the scum of the earth and the biggest landowners! Common thieves and corrupt politicians! Jealous husbands! Women with insolent slaves! It doesn’t matter who! All you have to do is take the victim to the Pain Auction nicely tied up!

People bid for their favorite torture or abuse and the torturers apply it. The victim screams but you can’t hear it because the crowd are chanting and encouraging the torturers!”

I was beginning to understand why he was so interested in the Pain Auction and I was right.

Forny laughed and stopped adjusting the harness straps tightly binding the next cosplay subject by De Haro


Forny made a last few adjustments and admired his work. “Very well, Gregory – you’ve certainly earned a new plaything. Dispose of the broken one properly, and then select one of the last two. We’ll prepare her to travel when we’re done.”

He then grabbed the pretty cosplayer by her jaw. “Well my lovely friend, I’ve decided on a sort of equestrian theme for this shoot … I’m calling it ‘Demon Ride.’ You’ll by restrained on all fours with reins and harness tackle. And Gregory and I will take turns riding you, using the reins to fuck you and fill you with cum.”

She whimpered in fear but was on all fours in no time, as Forny took the reins and clicked the remote control to start the cameras. He yanked hard on the reins, driving his dick deep inside the bucking cosplayer, as the cameras began to flash. He lurched his hips forward and shouted, “Giddy up bitch!”

Suck, bitch, suck! Suck like the whore you are! Mr Kane

GQS – Game of slaves

He fucked her in the cunt and then took it out and fucked her in the ass. Rufia shouted and cursed him, but he didn’t stop. On one occasion she felt his spunk hit the inside of her vagina, but he hardly paused in his fucking. His cock was quickly hard and erect again and he was ready to go…

“OK, Caestus, that’s enough! Stop now!” said Ceruleos of the forked tongue, known as the Cobra. “Give our new slave a chance to show what she can do. She can lick your cock clean!”

Caestus grabbed Rufia by the hair and pulled her face towards his cock. She turned away but he slapped her hard in the face. The Cobra slapped one of her breasts several times with his stick until she turned her head back and took the gladiator’s cock into her mouth. It choked her and made her gag.