His erection stayed hard, but it was horribly twisted by Mr Kane

GQS – The curse of Isthar

“You’re a lying whore, Roman bitch!”
He squeezed her cheeks in as he spoke.
“I’m going to give you the punishment you deserve, you traitorous slut! I was thinking of sparing your life! I was thinking of keeping you as a fuckpet, but I’ve changed my mind! You don’t deserve a god’s cock up your filthy Roman cunt!”
“You’re hurting me!”
“That’s right, bitch! My men will hurt you too! They’re going to put a phallus in your mouth, right down your spunk-filled throat! That will keep you quiet! You won’t seduce me or anyone else then!

Then they’re going to tear your big fat tits off, very slowly. They’ll hang you up by your tits till your tits come off! Your friend Caesar will be surprised to see them this time! He’s seen them before, hasn’t he, Claudia? But he’s never seen them in a basket, has he? It will be a gift from you! It’ll be a big smelly surprise!

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