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Out for a monday morning walk by Thorn

bdsm comics by Thorn
“Wiggle your cunt, you bitch! Oh Jeez, I’ve got a good head of steam up today! I’m about ready to explode through my pants… I’m gonna rape you just the way you are when we get back, both holes, front and back. We’re gonna visit your Uncle Ernie tonight. He’s the one with the bullwhip, you remember? You must be pleased, your Uncle Ernie’s very fond of you!”
bdsm comics by Thorn
“Hot cunt here… Over 37 degrees in the brown hole. And she drips like a mop as soon as you touch her moist little clitty… Take the usual precautions, Governor.”
“Trust me, doctor. We’ll put her in an isolation cell, stripped off tit and cunt naked, until the temperature goes down. We don’t want any of the other prisoners catching anything nasty, do we?
“And of course the prisoner will receive daily medical care. The treatment takes a long time, but it’s the best way to cure these attacks of high temperature…”
“There, there, kid, no need to cry. Doc and I will see you get all the attention you need, don’t worry about that!”