The pits of hell by Eu Inocencius

bdsm comics by Steve, Geoffrey Merrick
“I have not forgotten you, whore!”
No! Not again! My ass is so sore, I can’t take it! How long can he whip us? He’s rubbing his dick, why doesn’t he just cum and leave us alone?”
“Little bitch, I am so glad I took you! Your rump is firm and round and looks so attractive now that I have made it as red as your hair. And the tricks I can teach it…”
“Wwuuuuckk! Wwuuckingh ssaahhh uh! Eeegh ssaahh uh!”
“There it goes! What a great trick! When I whip your butt, your asshole winks as me. I think that dirty, disgusting filth pit actually thinks it can be my friend! Hey blondie, watch this, watch how your lezzie lover’s butthole says ‘hello’ to me!”
“Uuugghh… uuughh!”
“There it goes again, blondie… her tiny back door just scrunches up and then relaxes. You’ve got an uppity little asshole to be winking at me, red. I think I’m going to have to teach it respect at some point while I’ve got you under my control.”
This is crazy! I’ve got one of my friends looking at my anus while this sick bastard is studying the thing, practically slobbering all over it! It is so humiliating. Please, someone, get me out of here!”

One Thought on “The pits of hell by Eu Inocencius

  1. Holographicprs on September 28, 2023 at 6:29 pm said:

    from lat. manus – “hand” and scribo – “I write”) [1]

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