Wallid liked blondes with big thighs and breasts by Damian

Slavegirls in an oriental world

He asked if he could examine her and he took her to a back room.
“Lie back on the bed and show me your cunt, Viking!”
She obeyed. She had a big cunt and a big anus.
“Your men have big cocks, I see,” he said.
“Yes. Very big.”

He put three fingers up her vagina and sniffed them. It was a rich, healthy smell. He caught her clitoris between his thumb and forefinger and rubbed it. She gasped and pressed herself onto his fingers. He fucked her and listened to her loud shouts and gasps and screams. He took her to orgasm and was impressed by her spasms and the way she showed the whites of her eyes and then seemed to faint.

Most of the other customers were poor villagers and Wallid bought her cheap. He was a cruel man and he thought the best way to treat this highly-sexed woman was by denying her an orgasm.

He had half of a large wooden barrel in his house. His servants made her sit on it like a crab, looking up. They tied her arms and legs to rings on the floor so that the highest part of her body was her cunt.

Then he licked her almost to orgasm, but every time she was nearly there he flogged her breasts with a bamboo cane.

No, please! Let me finish, please!” she begged.
“Your cunt belongs to your Master. He decides when you can cum, bitch!”

Wallid told his friends and they all wanted to lick her. Some of them fucked her too, but Wallid never let her finish. He loved the way she looked, flushed and red in the face, with pink marks all over her neck and chest, panting, desperate to cum…

At night he kept her arms and legs chained away from her body because he didn’t want her touching herself or squeezing her thighs together.

My cock longs for virgin, female suffering by Damian

Chinese torments

One fine morning, with the birds singing and the water pools and fountains trickling, Prince Qin Qing woke up with a craving in his heart. “I wish to hear a pretty songbird sing today,” he said to his royal attendants. The cruel and sadistic guards grinned to themselves… fully aware of what Prince Qin Qing wished for. “Of course, your majesty! We must nurture your mind and body for the good of the empire!” The prince and his guards walked to a remote house in the gardens, one which only the royals and their attendants could approach under pain of extreme death…

The poor, virgin girls inside could hear the approach of the prince, and they already began to blubber and piss themselves in fear!

Pretty sisters Yu Mei, Yu Jun, and Yu Cai huddled together in their nakedness, their slender wrists throbbing from the rough, hemp rope. Confused and frightened, the girls had been lured away from their distant village with the promise of coin and prestige from waiting on the delicate ladies of the court. When the “matron” who hired them insisted on inspecting their feminine parts for purity and cleanliness, the naïve, village girls had no idea what was in store for them.

Prince Qin Qing smiled as he beheld his newest “songbirds” huddling together in the corner, whimpering and mewling like baby kittens. “Ah… such pretty little birds! How I wish to hear them sing! Guards… if you would please attend to my humblest needs, I would be ever so grateful.”

The cruel guards laughed as they ripped the screaming sisters apart and bound them tightly with hemp rope, spreading their arms and legs so that the poor, virgin, village girls were completely exposed and helpless! “Please! There has to be some mistake! We were supposed to be maids!” the poor, blubbering bimbos begged. “You can’t do this to us! It isn’t right!” another wailed.

Slave routes crossed and slave traders sold or exchanged slaves by Damian

Slavegirls in an oriental world

Youcef liked this woman. She was primitive like a cave dweller and she had a mouth that looked hungry for cock. She was agile and she didn’t mind being naked.

But Youcef wanted to know what she DIDN’T like, so he asked her. There was no reply.
“Kneel down and put your hands behind your head, bitch!”


He flogged her naked breasts with a bamboo cane until she told him.
“I don’t like touching myself if people are looking at me.”
“What else?”
“Kissing another woman.”

Youcef smiled. He organized a banquet for six male friends and one lesbian couple.

His Asian slave served the food and drink naked and when everyone had finished Youcef ordered her to stand on the table.

“Masturbate, slut! Show us how you do it! Legs wide apart now!”
She looked around nervously and then began. She stroked her nipples with one hand and pressed the base of her thumb and the ball of her hand on her cunt lips and moved them around. Soon she started swaying and her fingers found her clitoris. Then she went into hyper-drive with her hips.

Her undergarments absolutely soaked at the sight of female pain by Damian

Chinese torments

As the rebellion started to intensify across the Chinese Empire, the powers that be pushed back against the ignorant people’s rebellious tendencies. The Pearl Princess was one such government official when her dear, drunken dad mysteriously fell to his death from the palace balcony. Pearl Princess Fan Yong heard from her advisors of the terrible atrocities that were being committed against the aristocracy and the ruling class across all of China, and she would have none of that happen in HER province! She quickly set the captain of her guard to the task: use imperial spies to root out any dissenters and then make an example of them so that no rebellion would take place!

It didn’t take long to find “treasonous intent” in the local bars. Drunkards with loose lips lubricated by rice wine made easy targets, and their families were quickly rounded up for treason and sedition! The menfolk were quickly beheaded, while the womenfolk were taken and stripped to be inspected. How they pleaded and begged the Pearl Princess for mercy. “We’ve done nothing wrong! We would never betray our beautiful and perfect princess!”

Unfortunately for these lovely ladies, the Pearl Princess was unmoved. “Your family has been found guilty of treason and rebellious tendencies, so you are equally stained as well! We are merely ensuring that the Mandate of Heaven does not fall due to unworthy blood! You filthy, peasant girls will be sold at market to be sex slaves to the highest bidder!” The women wept and wailed at their fate as they were carted off to be inspected like meat, their beautiful, perky breasts and prime pussies fingered and pawed by lewd and licentious men…

But the least lucky were two drop dead gorgeous daughters, sisters of a particularly loud mouthed drunk, for the Pearl Princess was a secret lover of slit as well! She chose the most beautiful of the Chinese maidens to keep for herself… and she would put them through their paces, ensuring they were striped like tigresses by the whip and the bamboo cane!

Her breasts were full but firm and her hips and buttocks were beautifully rounded by Damian

Slavegirls in an oriental world

A group of four local Sheiks knew the price was going to be high, so they secretly formed a syndicate to avoid bidding against each other. They would have her for a week each.

Sheik Malik al-Jud was the first to have her.

His young slave trainer had stopped flogging her and stood staring at her as if he had fallen in love.
“Flog the bitch, damn you! Flog her tits!”
“Yes, Master!”

After a dozen blows on her breasts the Sheik stopped him.
“Untie her and place her like a crab, tits and cunt up!”
The trainer made her lay on her back and push her bottom up off the ground. Her legs were wide apart now and her cunt lips were open and unprotected.

With his left hand he was holding the hair of his new slave by Damian

Slavegirls in an oriental world

The Sheik filled her with his semen and covered her face and breasts with it. He fucked her day and night for the first week or two and then began to lose interest.

If he went to sleep when his slave was sucking, his personal guard had orders to take her to the slaves’ quarters. Instead they took her to their quarters and fucked her.

She satisfied five men at a time by riding one, lifting her buttocks for another to fuck her in the anus and giving a third a blowjob. The two remaining guards put a bench under her chest with holes for her breasts to hang through. This left her hands free to give them a hand job.

One day the Sheik woke up and went to the slaves’ quarters. He heard shouting and groaning coming from the guards’ quarters. He went there and found all five guards fucking his slave.


The Sheik smiled. He ignored the men and spoke to his slave.
“Do you like what these men are doing to you?” he asked.
“No, Master. I hate it! You are my Master. Only you can have my body!”
“It is good that you do not like it!” the Sheik said. “Your disgust will make my pleasure greater!”

The Sheik sat down and watched. The look of disgust on the girl’s face made him horny and his hard-on grew until it was about to explode.

Then the priest pushed her down onto the jailer’s chest and lifted her buttocks by Damian

Witch hunt

Gabrielle had been arrested the day before and had spent the night in jail. She was tied to a table with her legs wide apart and she had a blindfold on. In the night men came to her cell. She couldn’t see them and they didn’t speak but she thought there were two of them. They adjusted the ropes so that her head hung back over the edge of the table. One of them held her head and fucked her mouth while the other fucked her in the cunt. It happened four times.

The next morning two guards took her blindfold off. She thought she recognized their voices from the grunts and groans they made the night before.

“Over here, witch! You’re gonna get La Toca today!”

“La toca” was a form of waterboarding. A cloth was placed in the victim’s mouth and water was poured onto it.

“Do you attend witch’s sabbats?”
“Do you know any witch’s spells?”
“Can you cause storms and lightning?”
“Do you make animals or people ill?”
“Does the Evil One suck your nipples?”

As they asked their questions they poured water onto the cloth. At first they did it for a short time and allowed her to catch her breath, but she refused to confess and they poured more water and gave her less time to breathe. She was terrified. She knew that people had died from this.

“Try the needles!” said the priest. They stuck hot needles into her, but she still did not confess.

By that time the priest and the jailers had erections that were bothering them. They couldn’t take their eyes off her breasts or her cunt lips. She saw this.

The pits of hell by Eu Inocencius

bdsm comics by Steve, Geoffrey Merrick
“I have not forgotten you, whore!”
No! Not again! My ass is so sore, I can’t take it! How long can he whip us? He’s rubbing his dick, why doesn’t he just cum and leave us alone?”
“Little bitch, I am so glad I took you! Your rump is firm and round and looks so attractive now that I have made it as red as your hair. And the tricks I can teach it…”
“Wwuuuuckk! Wwuuckingh ssaahhh uh! Eeegh ssaahh uh!”
“There it goes! What a great trick! When I whip your butt, your asshole winks as me. I think that dirty, disgusting filth pit actually thinks it can be my friend! Hey blondie, watch this, watch how your lezzie lover’s butthole says ‘hello’ to me!”
“Uuugghh… uuughh!”
“There it goes again, blondie… her tiny back door just scrunches up and then relaxes. You’ve got an uppity little asshole to be winking at me, red. I think I’m going to have to teach it respect at some point while I’ve got you under my control.”
This is crazy! I’ve got one of my friends looking at my anus while this sick bastard is studying the thing, practically slobbering all over it! It is so humiliating. Please, someone, get me out of here!”

The interrogator nodded to his assistant by Damian

bdsm comics by Damian
“I don’t know where he is! I swear! No! NOOOO! IEEEARRGGGHHHH!” Scribonia screamed as the metal pliers slammed shut, crushing her already sore and bruised nipple in its grip. “LET GOOOOOOOO!”
“Tell us where Antonius is. He’s your husband! You expect us to believe that you had nothing to do with his plot to assassinate the Emperor?” The interrogator asked, twisting Scribonia’s nipple while pulling it further and further from her heaving breast.
“You fucking useless slut…” He said, releasing the pliers.
“Oh thank you, thank you.” Scribonia sobbed in relief, watching as her nipple began to swell and turn dark red…
“Give her another stroke across those fat tits.”
“Once again, Scribonia, give me locations. Where would he go? Who are his friends?”
“Let me think, let me think! Please… please just give me a second… I… I just need a second.”
The interrogator nodded to his assistant.
The heavy cane went slamming into the tops of her trembling thighs.
“NNNIEEEARRGH! OOOHHHHHHHH! STTTOOPPPPP!” Scribonia wailed, her body heaving and thrashing against the restraints holding her down.
“Oh, seems like your thighs are a tender area…” The interrogator smiled, placing the pliers against the milky flesh of her inner thighs…

Roman decadence by Damian

bdsm comics by Damian
“Come now, wife, you call that cock sucking? Do you want me to bed you over the bed again and lash you across that fat ass again?” Marcellus asked, tapping his new wife on the shoulder with his cane.
“No! No, please! I’m trying! Please husband.” Cornelia sobbed.
This wasn’t at all how she’d expected her wedding night to go, all those days in her youth spent imaging a life with a family and a loving husband had not prepared her for this cruelty. Yet her father had been desperate to land that rich mining contract with the Governor, and his daughter’s hand had been the price…
“Please you don’t have to hit me, I want to pleasure you. I really do!” Cornelia begged as she felt the cane tracing its way across her other welts.
“Then ask me to hit you.” Marcellus commanded.
“What? But…but why?”
“You said you wanted to please me, and your screams will do just that. So ask me to hit you.”
“No… no I meant…”
“Fucking useless whore! You think you actually have a choice? HAHAH! Get your mouth on my cock and don’t you dare come off until my cum is in your throat!”