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Inquisition law by Badia

bdsm comics by Badia
“These witches have no sense of family ties… Would you believe this mother has trained her own daughter to entertain the Devil?” comments Alfonso to the tormentor… “We are going to remind them of the holiness of motherhood”.
“Strap down the mother on the rack… Break her bones one by one, starting with the feet and going up slowly… When you’re done with the legs of the mother, I will work on the daughter. Her juvenile flesh will peel easily under the bullwhip… Let’s see how the mother reacts to the skinning of her offspring…”
bdsm comics by Badia
“Father, this investigation is killing me… Too many naked harlots around here… It is nice of you to allow me this little pleasure with the bitch…
A man in my humble position doesn’t have the strength of you men of the cloth…”
“Enjoy the moment, Raul… 1 heard this worthless cunt has a specialty for pleasing men with her mouth… when she’s not busy offering her ass to the Lord of Flies… Make sure to take advantage of her tongue… because I’m about to tear it out… For good measure, I will shove it into her ass so deep that the Devil himself will never be able to reach it.”

Sex trained upside down by Badia

bdsm comics by Badia
Torquemadam takes her time pouring the boiling water inside the love nest of the bitch she caught flirting with another of her whores. “They tell me you are a hottie, dear! Now, I guess you really are one…” The girl wiggles helplessly in her bonds while the searing pain takes control of her groin.
“That will do for now… Your turn, fat sow. Stand up there, so that I can tear off your nipples with these fishing-hooks. A boiled pig, and a fresh fish… What a feast!”

bdsm comics by Badia
Now you’ve told us all we want to know, I tell you about your future. We can’t release you so only two options are left: either we kill you or we keep you chained down here to torture and rape…”
‘Pleassse… Kill me… kill me now! I can’t stand it anymore… PLEASSSSEM!” “Yeah… perhaps we kill you, bitch. But not now. We’re going to keep you for some weeks and see how much fun you are.” This is Badia BDSM art