Sex trained upside down by Badia

bdsm comics by Badia
Torquemadam takes her time pouring the boiling water inside the love nest of the bitch she caught flirting with another of her whores. “They tell me you are a hottie, dear! Now, I guess you really are one…” The girl wiggles helplessly in her bonds while the searing pain takes control of her groin.
“That will do for now… Your turn, fat sow. Stand up there, so that I can tear off your nipples with these fishing-hooks. A boiled pig, and a fresh fish… What a feast!”

bdsm comics by Badia
Now you’ve told us all we want to know, I tell you about your future. We can’t release you so only two options are left: either we kill you or we keep you chained down here to torture and rape…”
‘Pleassse… Kill me… kill me now! I can’t stand it anymore… PLEASSSSEM!” “Yeah… perhaps we kill you, bitch. But not now. We’re going to keep you for some weeks and see how much fun you are.” This is Badia BDSM art

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