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Auctioneers by Hines

bdsm comics by Hines
“Earl, dont you dare let this one get away, you hear me? Quit playin’ around and buy the bitch! You got all them young trailer trash you always runnin’ around with and pokin’ over at the motel – well, I want this fine-lookin’ thing to keep me all warm and pleasured whenever I want it. So get her! And one more thing. I ain’t sharin’ her with ya. The only tastes she gonna have on her tongue is my pussy and my asshole. Get it done, Earl.”
Earl knew better than to disappoint his wife. He raised a finger and sighed, ” Okay, damnmit, ten thousand.”

bdsm comics by Hines
“This here is gonna be your little place, girl,” Dotty informed her. “Don’t ya fret yourself none about how it looks ’cause the only thing that will be important to ya is keepin’ a clean sheet. 01′
Elmer here might look a bit frail, but the man shoots cum like our big bull out in the yard. And I really starts leakin’ juices when I gets my pussy licked. So you’ll be havin’ to change sheets quite bit. Now I wants ya to know that one of the things I’m real big on is whippin’. That’s one of the reasons besides sex that we got ya. Elmer’s just gonna be fuckin’ every day. But me, I likes to be spendin’ a couple nights a week in here just with you and this ol’ strap thats I keep in the main house. You know, I used to work as a guard over at the State Women’s Prison. Some of my best memories is how I used to take a pretty little think down to the boiler room and lay the strap to her so’s to give her the right attitude. So I knows you gonna keep me real happy with ya here.”

Trying out by De Haro

bdsm comics by Steve, Geoffrey Merrick
She desperately tried to remain unresponsive as her face crumbled into revulsion, tears stinging her eyes. But when he tongued her ear, she couldn’t help but shudder, her shoulders spasming.
He drew slightly back, his fingers stilling on her tit. “Hey baby,” he mumbled. “Sorry I woke you.” Then he immediately restarted slobbering all over her face, neck, shoulders and arms. Between kisses he whispered, “Relax … it’s okay … just relax….”
Struggling to keep from reacting, the girl carefully tested her limbs under the covers. Her legs seemed free, but when she tried to move her feet she discovered that her big toes were affixed together. Her attention snapped back to her assailant when his mouth made its way down her chest. Claire’s back arched, her eyes screwing shut as his lips found her breasts.
He’d knead them out of the lace v-neck and suck on the nipples like ice cream. Claire heard herself mewl, drool pouring out either side of her wrenched-back mouth.
“Like that, huh?” he quietly leered. “All right then….” He went back to it: kneading, suckling, licking, and nipping as she shook her head in loathing.
Claire started to shake, but he jerked her by her breasts. “I wouldn’t do that,” he softly warned. “You think this is bad? You don’t wanna know what would happen if you wake her.” He nodded toward the snoring teacher.
Claire’s big, wet, wide eyes stared into her molestor’s … then she slowly stiffened, her nostrils flaring.
“Smart girl,” he commended, then reached around to grab her ass, pulling her even closer against him. Embracing her tightly, he began to suckle her throat, leaving hickeys behind. Claire’s body began to shudder with sobs.
“Aw, don’t do that,” he chided, grabbing both her tits. “It’s so damn sexy! Here, I got an idea.”
He dragged her under him, on her back, and lay atop her, planting his mouth back around her sopping wet lips.

You’ve been a bad, bad girl by Steve, Geoffrey Merrick

bdsm comics by Steve, Geoffrey Merrick
The teacher flicked the switch perfectly across the girl’s nipples. Al was afraid everyone in the police station heard the girl’s scream. He quickly clicked the phone shut.
“What’s up?” Ted asked casually.
“Uh, nothing,” the deliveryman said, lowering his hand so it obscured the bulge in his pants. “It’s just that … um … Dotty’s got a little something waiting for me back home.” Ted looked up inquiringly from his desk. “We’re … ah … celebrating.”
“Well, don’t let me keep you tiger,” Ted grinned.
Al left the station as fast as he could, setting a new world’s record for deliveries that morning.
When Al got back, Dotty’s car was gone and the girl was nowhere in sight. Could the teacher have brought Claire with her for afternoon classes?
The deliveryman had a vision of the girl brutally bound and viciously gagged in the trunk or across the back seat wearing a cheerleader outfit or yet another schoolgirl get-up, but he quickly discarded the thought.

Intensely textured for your pleasure by Steve, Geoff Merrick

bdsm comics by Steve, Geoff Merrick
The deliveryman dragged the groaning girl to her knees, cupped the back of her head, and shoved her face down onto his cock.
It stabbed into the hole in her mouth like a knife into a scabbard. The crown hit the back of her throat, setting off her gag reflex, but he didn’t let go as she twisted and choked. In a trice, the teacher was there, grabbing the back of the girl’s neck while jamming her other hand deep into her bra.
“There, there, dear,” she crooned into Claire’s ear as she mauled a tit. “Take it … take it all, like a good girl.”
bdsm comics by Steve, Geoff Merrick
One of Dotty’s hands was back in the girl’s shirt as she leaned down on Claire’s back while thrusting the warming, whirring wanker up into her over and over and over again.
Claire was sweating profusely, her shirt all but transparent, her legs vibrating. Drool poured out of her yanked-open mouth, splashing the deliveryman’s lap and splattering the floor around his chair. Mucous streamed out of her nostrils and a steady stream of tears coursed down her cheeks. She didn’t even feel Swanson’s fingers leaving her chest, but she certainly felt them find her clit.
The girl twitched in place as the teacher expertly stimulated her student as only a fellow female could.
Claire began to twist her torso, her mouth locked to his cock and her knees seemingly nailed to the kitchen floor. She began to rhythmically grunt in hysteria as her skin reddened.

Out for a monday morning walk by Thorn

bdsm comics by Thorn
“Wiggle your cunt, you bitch! Oh Jeez, I’ve got a good head of steam up today! I’m about ready to explode through my pants… I’m gonna rape you just the way you are when we get back, both holes, front and back. We’re gonna visit your Uncle Ernie tonight. He’s the one with the bullwhip, you remember? You must be pleased, your Uncle Ernie’s very fond of you!”
bdsm comics by Thorn
“Hot cunt here… Over 37 degrees in the brown hole. And she drips like a mop as soon as you touch her moist little clitty… Take the usual precautions, Governor.”
“Trust me, doctor. We’ll put her in an isolation cell, stripped off tit and cunt naked, until the temperature goes down. We don’t want any of the other prisoners catching anything nasty, do we?
“And of course the prisoner will receive daily medical care. The treatment takes a long time, but it’s the best way to cure these attacks of high temperature…”
“There, there, kid, no need to cry. Doc and I will see you get all the attention you need, don’t worry about that!”

Twins going through BDSM tortures

A perverted young housewife likes to spend her time with slave girls. She purchased three new slaves – pretty twins and their posh mother – from her neighbor and now she is boasting of them all the time. The housewife organizes BDSM parties where everybody can see her slave girls. The ex-owner of the slaves is now regretting of the deal and wants the girls back but the bitch doesn’t want to sell them back. So the guy decided to have a deal with the twins’ mother – he will help them to escape from their mistress for twenty free fucks. So he gets secretly to the house of his perverted neighbor and fucks the girls from time to time.

I’m tired of porking you by Ken

bdsm comics by Ken
Do you like your Master’s present slave? Oh I see… you are wondering what I’m talking about, aren’t you? You’ve got such a kind Master… you’ve had so many presents since I kidnapped you last night… That lovely head-harness with that huge ball to stretch your jaw and plug your big mouth… Or those coarse ropes that dig into your lovely skin… Or my big dick that’s porking you right now! Yes, I know you appreciate it just as you appreciate my teeth on your nips… But no, I’m not talking about any of these… I’m talking about that nice frame you are tied to. You won’t leave it alive… You heard right! I’ll keep you on it till you burst, which with luck won’t be for a year or two yet… Isn’t it a wonderful device? It keeps you nicely stretched and ready for everything… You can be fucked front and back, you can have your face shagged, you can piss and you can shit. And you can be feed too, so why should I take you out of it? Oh shit, I’m just gabbing on. I must concentrate on what we are doing… you are a great shag, that’s for sure!
bdsm comics by Ken
“Oh yeah… make me hard with those dainty little hands of yours, whore… do me a nice hand job and make me ready for your tiny shithole. I’m gonna impale you like you are, standing on your toes and cervix. Then I’ll leave you like this until tomorrow. I’m tired of porking you and I need some sleep…”
“Please no… don’t leave me like this… please….”
“What’s wrong with you, slut? Don’t you like being left alone with that nice dildo up your fuck-hole? You’re dripping like a pig whore already…”
“Oh no… please… it hurts… I’m hurting all over…!”
“Stop begging and concentrate on what you are doing, slut. If you fail to please me I’ll come back later. And it won’t be to unhook you. It’ll be to pierce those tits of yours! Gonna have you on your toes for the rest of your fucking life, which won’t be long. I’m gonna wedge your cunt into this and I’ll use your shit hole for my dick!”

Rebecca asked when they could leave by Steve, Geoff Merrick

bdsm comics by Steve
The special squad unlocked the door and moved quickly into the apartment. Rebecca and Amy were where the brothers had left them. They had been there only for the better part of a day, so they were in better shape than Kim had been.
Even so, they were weak, abused, and terrified, so they were glad to be moved to the police clinic where they bathed, were fed, and allowed latrine privileges. Then, back in bed, wearing hospital robes, they gladly gave their statements.
Every once in awhile, one of the cops would walk into another room, giving Rebecca and Amy a glimpse of another patient in another bed, her head turned away from them, her naked arms by her side under the single white sheet which covered her.
What they couldn’t see, of course, was how the lower half of her face was sealed with bandage, or the way the hospital restraints kept her wrists and ankles locked wide under the sheet.
Rebecca asked when they could leave. The blond cop, who seemed to be the boss, said, “When we’re done.”

bdsm comics by Steve
She was about to jerk up when Seth knocked her out with a sharp hit from the butt of the gun. She dropped back down heavily, her mouth filled with cock and cum.
Sam smiled as both he and Seth started to “pet” her shapely, nearly naked body. “Fuck this,” Seth breathed. “Fuck this….”
“Soon enough,” Sam assured him.
Then Sean said. “I think I see somebody…!”
“What?” Seth asked. “Who?”
“A redhead…,” Sean reported. “Redhead…killer body. White lace minidress. White heels. Over there…you see her?

Reform school by Steve

bdsm comics by Steve
Mason pulled Karen down into a kneeling position and lowered her onto his thick member. It still hurt but this was better than the electrodes. Karen jerked as Mason snapped heavy clothes pins onto her erect nipples. His well-lubed cock parted her ass cheeks as she sank down around it. She whimpered as he spread her sphincter yet again.
“Bounce on it bitch! C’mon, be a good girl.” Karen was too exhausted to comply right away and Mason was too impatient to wait for his little bitch to figure it out. Pulling out, Mason pushed her face first onto the floor. “When an order is given, you don’t hesitate. You still need some incentive. Maybe this spiked vibrator will teach you to work a little faster, cunt!”
bdsm comics by Steve
Suddenly Mason ripped the clothespins off her nipples. Karen gasped in pain as the blood flowed back into them. “Up on the chair slave. I’m going to relax while you fuck me.” Once again Karen was forced back onto Mason’s prick. He showed Karen the spiked horror just before he shoved it roughly inside her exposed twat. “GGGUUUUMMMMMPHHH!!” Karen screamed into the gag as the tiny spikes bit into the walls of her pussy. “Now bounce on my cock bitch!” She did not hesitate this time. Karen slammed her ass up and down along the length of Mason’s cock. “Good little bitch, here’s your reward.” With a flick of the switch, the vibrator thrummed to life inside Karen’s brutalized cunt. “Keep fucking me little one, and I’ll let you cum.” Karen grunted as her cllt was shoved against the vibrator with each downward thrust….

No more luxuries for you, red by Eu Inocencius

bdsm comics by Eu Inocencius
Relaxed and comfortable, Sanchez approached the redhead. He knew this was the right choice, the perfect girl with whom he could continue and expand his abuse of Olivia, a lovely bitch to feed to his monster of a cock.
After walking through the darkness, Sanchez came into the light cast by the headlamps of Madison’s Ford Mustang. The girl was still looking at the poster she had stapled to the pole when the man moved unnoticed behind her. His hand gripped a black jack as his muscular arm swung up quickly from his side.
With brutal strength Sanchez smacked the red haired girl across the back of her head.
“Lights out, slut.”
Sanchez moved in, stooped, and caught the collapsing cutie on his shoulder. She was light as a feather to him.
bdsm comics by Eu Inocencius
Driving with one hand, Sanchez kept rubbing his dick. His eyes couldn’t help but look in the rearview mirror at the way the curves of his fresh slavegirl made hills under the blanket.
The drive to his shack in the desert took some time.
“Time goes awful slow when you’ve got such a rapeable beauty in the back of your truck. But I bet time is about to go a lot slower for this little cunt when she wakes up tied down in my cellar. Ha!”
As he left the city and gained speed, the wind swirling into the pickup bed lifted the blanket off Madison bit by bit, revealing more and more of the girl to her captor.
“Two girls. Two helpless bitches. Two asses to punish. Two pairs of tits to abuse. Two sets of holes to fuck. Two screaming mouths.”
His dick throbbed in his pants, but his foot remained steady on the accelerator.