That will come later by Eu Inocencius

bdsm comics by Eu Inocencius
“That will come later. Let me focus on blondie’s big jugs now! Whipped nice and pretty, weren’t they, girl? Feel good, don’t they?”
“Ooowwggghhh! Auowwgghh!”
It’s like he’s trying to pull them off me! His fingers are digging in like he wants them to get through my ribs! Won’t this sick fuck ever stop hurting me!
“You thought these round mounds of fat were your power, didn’t you, bitch! You thought that your funbags existed for men to fondle gently, to lick, to kiss… to worship? Fuck that, cunt! I know how a girl’s titties deserve to be used! Hard and cruel, especially the breast meat of a pretty, arrogant tramp like you! Every moan that comes from your gagged suck hole when I clamp my fingers into your whipped boobies makes my dick twitch with pleasure. ”
“We are getting near that special time, the moment you have been waiting for, the time when you get to be intimate with your girlfriend. I just want to make it real clear that even if I let you get all licking lezzie with this red haired slut, you are still my slave girl! Think of your sore, throbbing, red udders feel right now when you start to think about not being a good slave girl and doing what you are told.”

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