Proximity by Damian

bdsm comics by Damian
Titus first saw the girl in a slave auction. It was clear from the beginning that she had a special quality that attracted men…
There were thirty slaves in the room. Bidding had not begun and people were still examining the women. Each girl stood in the centre of a group of potential buyers who were feeling their breasts, buttocks and thighs. The girls all looked confused and distant while fingers pressed into their flesh and other fingers explored their mouths and teeth.
From time to time a gasp was heard as probing fingers ran around a girl’s sex lips, or rubbed her clitoris to see how she reacted. Customers were seen examining their fingers for signs of wetness and then sniffing them to catch the persistent, elusive, animal smell of a healthy cunt.
Some customers went down on their knees to examine a cunt more closely. They pulled the lips apart and commented on the color…
“Get an eyeful of that, Romulus! Nice and pink!” said an old man.
“There’s a lot of pleasure in a cunt like that. It must have a pair of big udders to go with it!” his companion replied.
“Those are not bad! She’ll give you a good tit-fuck if she squeezes your dick between them!”
Titus noticed a larger group of men around a blonde slave, and he walked over. She was wearing only her slave collar, but she looked lovely in it. She didn’t seem to be mentally absent like the other girls and she responded differently to the physical examination.
Every touch seemed to get through to her. When she gasped, her breasts swung invitingly. When her sex lips were opened, she was glistening with her woman’s juices. When she made noises, they were soft, intimate noises, low groans that fascinated the buyers.

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