I’m gonna fuck all your holes raw, slave by Doval

bdsm comics by Doval
A ring gag serves many purposes when tightly fitted on a young slavegirl’s mouth. Some of these uses are merely utilitarian: she can be force-fed, face-fucked and she can have her tongue stretched or pierced. Other uses are more psychological and more appropriate as training periods. The prolonged use of one of these cruel devices, sometimes over many weeks or months, submits the slavegirl to a continuous dribbling and of course impedes the use one of the most human of all characteristics: speech. The slavegirl feels utterly humiliated and defenseless, making her break-in period shorter.
But in most cases, the prolonged use of a huge ring on a slavegirl responds to the personal whims of owners, who impose this dreadful torture on their property just for the fun of it.
bdsm comics by Doval
“Stick that tongue out like a fool if you want your chastity belt removed so you can be thoroughly shafted by your trainer, whore. Yeah… good girl… I’m gonna fuck all your holes raw, slave. Your piss-hole goes first, your shit-hole second and then you clean my sausage with that lithe, pink tongue of yours. How do you like the sound of that program? Hey… you are willing to do anything to have your chastity bell removed, uh? This is gonna be our little secret, though. Not a word to your Mistress, she wouldn’t approve… My God, that was silly of me, wasn’t it! How could you tell her with that gag holding your jaws apart!”

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