Illegal immigrant by Aries

bdsm comics by Aries
“Don’t move, you foreigner! Sit down on that fucking table! So… you say you’re not a fucking whore but you work in the fucking local whorehouse… You’re fucking lying to me! A whore that works in a whorehouse is a whore. A slut! You’re a fucking slut!
I’ve been checking… you’re not in any fucking record in this country. Officially, and practically, you’re not here now, you don’t exist. This gives me ideas… yes… instead of handing you to the customs authorities I’ll give you what you want… a fucking job in this country. As my personal whore… what you think? Is this a deal? Do you understand a fucking word of what I say?
Are you stupid or just a fucking foreigner that doesn’t understand a fucking word of English?”

bdsm comics by Aries
“I won’t say it again… I want those fucking nips hard and pointing to my eyes all the time. Failure to do so means that I make them hard with those fucking pliers, got it? A fuck toy gets aroused each time she sees her Master!”

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