Sackers by Mr.Kane

bdsm comics by Mr.Kane
Baron Sharcem is the only man powerful enough to stand up the barbarian hordes. But he betrayed his own people and remained neutral in exchange for the throne of Damselot. Merkedit has given him Paulina, Princess and heir to the throne, as his personal slave. He handed her over naked and in chains, with her virginity protected by a cruel and humiliating chastity belt. Her will to resist has been cruelly broken by torture. “Now, slave, kneel before your Lord and Master and prove your love for him. You know how to do this?”
“First take your Master in your mouth and use your lips and tongue on him. Then take him in deeper until you can feel his bollocks on your face Work on his prick until he comes deep in your throat.”
bdsm comics by Mr.Kane
Princess Cira, decked in gold, made a last stand against the savages in the Toras Gorge. Her ally, Baron Sharcem, sent troops but they arrived too late and the small army was massacred. Now Cira herself has been captured by the proud and vengeful Arjam, brother to Merkedit. She fears she will be dedicated to the cult of Gothek.
In fact, she will serve Arjam as his sexual slave. “Drop the blade, you fool! War is no business for women. Women should dedicate themselves to softer pleasures. You will dedicate your life to pleasing me with those big tits. Is your cunt as big as your tits, Princess?”

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