Reform school by Steve

bdsm comics by Steve
Mason pulled Karen down into a kneeling position and lowered her onto his thick member. It still hurt but this was better than the electrodes. Karen jerked as Mason snapped heavy clothes pins onto her erect nipples. His well-lubed cock parted her ass cheeks as she sank down around it. She whimpered as he spread her sphincter yet again.
“Bounce on it bitch! C’mon, be a good girl.” Karen was too exhausted to comply right away and Mason was too impatient to wait for his little bitch to figure it out. Pulling out, Mason pushed her face first onto the floor. “When an order is given, you don’t hesitate. You still need some incentive. Maybe this spiked vibrator will teach you to work a little faster, cunt!”
bdsm comics by Steve
Suddenly Mason ripped the clothespins off her nipples. Karen gasped in pain as the blood flowed back into them. “Up on the chair slave. I’m going to relax while you fuck me.” Once again Karen was forced back onto Mason’s prick. He showed Karen the spiked horror just before he shoved it roughly inside her exposed twat. “GGGUUUUMMMMMPHHH!!” Karen screamed into the gag as the tiny spikes bit into the walls of her pussy. “Now bounce on my cock bitch!” She did not hesitate this time. Karen slammed her ass up and down along the length of Mason’s cock. “Good little bitch, here’s your reward.” With a flick of the switch, the vibrator thrummed to life inside Karen’s brutalized cunt. “Keep fucking me little one, and I’ll let you cum.” Karen grunted as her cllt was shoved against the vibrator with each downward thrust….

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